My favorite poor innocent makeup

2023-02-10 17:39

Today, the editor will take you to enjoy the beautiful photos of the four pillars of the next Japanese drama, and learn Japanese beauty step by step!

One of the Four Pillars of Japanese Dramas: Yui Aragaki

When it comes to Japanese dramas or island movies (non-erotic), we will naturally think of Yui Aragaki, who is popular among Asian men! She is the tragic heroine Mika in the classic Japanese love film "Love in the Sky", and her performance in "Code Blue", "Full Girl", "Flower Mizuki" and "Legal High" is also very prominent. It was even once regarded as a "god and goddess", so let's take a look at Yui Aragaki's beauty scheming!

Aragaki Yui's beauty method:

Keywords: even makeup base

How to create: Japanese men generally like pure and innocent female makeup, so heavy eye makeup is rarely seen in Japanese makeup, but instead focus on other parts! First of all, let’s talk about the coup of smooth foundation makeup!

step1: After fully hydrating, use a makeup brush to evenly apply a layer of isolation (including sunscreen ingredients) on the face;

step2: Use a light and silky liquid foundation product to gently apply to the face with a foundation brush or foundation sponge (adjust the problem of uneven skin tone);

Step3: Use the air cushion cream with strong gloss to carry out the final brightening and makeup setting (the technique is to press continuously, do not apply)

One of the Four Pillars of Japanese Dramas: Maki Horikita

She appeared in the popular TV series "Trolley Man", and her popularity soared due to her performance as the protagonist of the youth drama "The Big Transformation of the Wild Boar". It should be said that few Japanese actresses can receive fierce opposition from straight men all over Japan and "riots" when announcing their marriage. "So where is the beauty of Horikita Maki?

Horikita Maki's beauty scheming:

Key words: Japanese crystal "glass urinal"

Build method:

After the base makeup is applied, choose the lip glaze product that suits you according to the color of your facial skin. You must know that although there are many lip products on the market, you can easily create a crystal-like Japanese cute girl makeup like "glass urine lip". Feeling, but if the color choice is wrong, it will immediately destroy the small freshness! As for the specific choice of lip makeup color, the editor recommends that girls with fair skin tone can choose more pink lip makeup (light and cool color), while girls with dull skin tone can choose more orange lip makeup Makeup Oh!

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