Female foam mannequin head, the best choice for styling

2022-09-30 17:26

If you are looking for a female foam mannequin head to display wigs or learn about styling, this product is perfect for you. It is not an easy job to present wigs without proper mannequin heads. This mannequin head, with great shape and presentable façade, will make the styling job easier and display all the wigs with more authenticity.


1. Fabric and quality:


This female foam mannequin head, light-weighted but durable, is of great quality with premium foam and also very well-packed. The scalp surface is smooth and easy to get the wig attached. Moreover, it is fabricated in various sizes and you can choose any kind that suits you best and makes you comfortable in your styling skill practice. 


As it is made from premium foam, the light-weighted mannequin head is very portable and an ideal styling model when you take a trip. It is also very easy to handle and storage, a perfect companion for all styling work. 


2. Function and usage:


Wigs are always not that easy to style because they are not fully attached to the scalp, therefore, a suitable mannequin head is vital in the presentation and styling of wigs. To get the wig to cover the scalp perfectly, and avoid the awkward slide and tugging, what we need is a mannequin head that is authentic as a real human head.  


Beginners are usually frustrated when their model for wig styling is in an improper shape. And experienced stylist tends to lose their inspiration and patience when they are in a similar situation. No matter you are green hands or a professional stylist, this female foam mannequin head will help you just fine when practicing your technique. 


As beginners are always very nervous when it comes to practicing styling techniques on a real human’s head, this female foam mannequin head can be an ideal model for their practice before they are qualified to perform their skills on their customers.


No matter what kind of wig you are styling, long or short, curl or straight, whether using straighteners, hair currier, or just comb and colouring, this foam mannequin head is ideal for the display and practice of such hairstyling skills.


This female foam mannequin head can not only be the ideal displayer for wigs, but it can also present hats, silk scarves, glasses, and other decorations with hair or even makeup products. Whether it is used in salons, styling teaching classrooms, storefront, fashion shows, or even just at home, this female mannequin head will serve just as perfectly to meet all your needs as the model in style handling.

Such foam mannequin head with premium quality can bring you freedom and creativity when practicing styling, and its authentic shape will also avoid unpleasant awkwardness such as causing sliding and falling of wigs during your work. Thus it is perfect for all people who is interested in styling work, no matter you are professional or just a fresh learner, this product just makes the stylist’s work easier and effortless.

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