How to do your annual workplace makeup

2022-09-23 13:23

At the end of the year again, the annual annual meeting has arrived. It is the goal of every workplace OL to choose a makeup look that does not want to be too high-profile but also refuses to be mediocre at the annual meeting, but in fact, it is not easy to wear such makeup well. Today, I'm going to introduce two different styles of annual party makeup

Every capable "white bone spirit" in the workplace starts from "new". OLs who have just stepped into the society for a year or two will feel that it is too much if they put on too much makeup at the annual meeting. A slightly simpler annual meeting makeup will be more suitable for you.

STEP 1: In order to make the eyes have a "Buling Buling" effect, first use a beige eye shadow with pearlescent light to cover the skin as an eye primer. Then use mascara to brush the lashes to make the lashes distinct and more energetic.

STEP 2: Use a black eyeliner gel pen to draw the eyeliner from the head of the eye along the root of the eyelashes to the corner of the eye to make the eyes bigger and more energetic.

STEP 3: On the basis of the beige eye shadow, use your fingers to take a little orange-red eye and point it to the middle of the eyelid, and then slowly blur it to the end of the eye.

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