For the most beautiful Chinese style lipstick, the Forbidden City Taobao double store competes, Cating will not fall behind!

2022-03-04 19:26

Original title: For the most beautiful Chinese style lipstick, the Forbidden City Taobao double store competes, Cating will not fall behind!

Speaking of the Chinese style in the past two years, it is really extraordinary. Even the big makeup artists do not forget to launch Chinese style makeup every year. However, the Chinese style in the eyes of European and American big coffee really makes Xiaotang unable to complain. Not to mention the Zodiac series of Armani. Last year, the Chinese style makeup of YSL and Givenchy, a pair of good friends, also made Xiaotang unable to complain.

Speaking of which, if you want to make national style makeup, you still need to look at Chinese brands. This, the Forbidden City makeup, which has been so popular since the beginning of last year, finally turned out. Moreover, this launch turned out to be the large number of Taobao shops in the Forbidden City. It's a pity that Xiaotang's paws flicked, and he didn't even grab the little lipstick from Taobao's at the Forbidden City General Store. But fortunately, the small lipstick candy co-operated by the Imperial Palace's first store can still be thought of. However, let's first take a look at the lipstick series produced by the two Taobao stores in the Forbidden City.

Speaking of the two major Taobao stores in the Forbidden City, it is estimated that many little fairies are not clear about the relationship between the two stores. Xiaotang first simply sort out for the dears. The first is Xiaotang’s favorite Taobao store in the Forbidden City. Speaking of it, it is the concubine shop in Xiaotangkou, just like the eldest son of the old emperor’s family. He was commissioned by the Forbidden City to design and operate the peripheral series of the Forbidden City by Beijing Shangchao Creative Souvenir Development Company in 2008. The main product is the Forbidden City dolls. Developed hand accounts, folding fans, luggage bags, tapes, etc. around the Forbidden City. And the cute and funny image of the Forbidden City started from it. It can be said that it created the fashionable and people-friendly style of the Forbidden City and brought fire to the surroundings of the Forbidden City. And this time the Forbidden City lipstick series, Xiaotang also loves his refined and elegant style.

Xiaotang first sacrificed the makeup series of the Forbidden City Taobao this time. It can be said that it is beautiful, exquisite and elegant, and it is difficult for Xiaotang not to be tempted. The Palace Museum is full of this time except for two series, Crane and Luotian series. .

The crane series is decorated with black gold carving craftsmanship, magnificent and beautiful, and the design is full of artistic conception. Not much to say, Xiaotang directly on the picture!

Start with Xiaotang’s favorite lipstick! The black gold and elegant official god, decorated with exquisite and clear auspicious clouds standing sculptures, exquisite shape, unique artistic conception, it can be said that after Pechoin's golden bird, Xiaotang once again became tempted by national style makeup!

The texture of the lipstick of the Crane series is a matte color that is popular in autumn and winter, and the color retention is not bad, that is, the texture is relatively dry. Xiaotang recommends that the upper lip is first put on a lipstick as a primer.

And blush and eye shadow are equally good. The black gold embossed design, holding the golden light in the hand, looks at it from different angles, the golden texture of different colors changes with the optical fiber, which is so beautiful. Look at the Forbidden City Taobao, and think about the big-name Armani, the little candy broke the Forbidden City and pulled out the thigh!

Four-color eyeshadow is used for daily shooting, creating a natural and elegant makeup look.

And not to mention the exquisite and elegant appearance of the blush of the same series, the embossing is as good as the Zodiac series of Armani.

The color of the blush is somewhat similar to the high tide coral color of the nars family. However, it is said that the inspiration came from the painted enamel rectangular pots with jade coral chrysanthemum bonsai in the collection of the Forbidden City.

Compared with the black gold crane series, the Imperial Palace Taobao also has another relatively simple and elegant Luotian series. Different from the golden splendor of the crane, Luotian is a bit more simple and simple, but it gives people the beauty of the artistic conception of the dark night.

It is said that the design of this series is inspired by the treasures of the Palace Museum, the black lacquer, snail, flower and bird Arhat bed. If it is produced by the Forbidden City, there must be allusions.

The Luotian series is decorated with three-dimensional laser craftsmanship, and the shells on the black background are smart and colorful, with radiance and brilliance.

The four-color eyeshadows of the Luotian series are all pearlescent, namely burgundy, bean paste, champagne, and beige, which are a bit more charming than the base color of the crane series.

Luo Tian's blush is tourmaline powder, charming and pretty, and the color is as sweet as an early summer rose.

The Luotian pattern is even more exquisite and picturesque~!

The Luotian series of lipsticks are decorated with silver shells and radiant flowers and birds on the black background. The elegant colors and patterns are peaceful and wealthy, and the start is beautiful.

The lipsticks of the Luotian series are a moisturizing place, with a moisturizing luster on the upper lip, clear and sweet.

In addition to the above two series, Taobao of the Palace Museum also has two special items, namely Dian Cui Eyeshadow and Waterline Highlights.

Diancui eyeshadow, which has been very popular since last year, is really on the shelves and it really makes Xiaotang very excited. It can be said that the real thing is even more beautiful than expected.

The high-gloss appearance is the same black and gold color, decorated with water wave texture, and the layered waves imply that the sky is high and the sea is wide.

The four color combinations of high gloss oil are light blue, light pink, pearl white, turquoise, brightening and whitening, creating a three-dimensional makeup, without it, it will be less brilliant!

Of course, in addition to the two sets of beautiful makeup from the Forbidden City Taobao, the Forbidden City's direct store, that is, our Forbidden City Tmall Cultural and Creative Store, also launched a set of Forbidden City lipstick series. Before talking about his family's lipstick, let's talk about the Forbidden City Cultural and Creative Store.

Since Taobao of the Forbidden City moved to Taobao in 2008 and was designed and operated by a private enterprise entrusted by the Forbidden City, we always joke that Taobao in the Forbidden City is the eldest son of the unborn child. Relatively speaking, his style is more lively and funny. From time to time, it is highly funny and is loved by everyone, and it also draws people's distance from the Forbidden City.

The Wenchuang Store entered Taobao in 2016, and it is directly owned by the Palace Museum, so we jokingly call it the second son of the first generation. Compared with the cute and funny sales of Taobao in the Forbidden City, the style of the cultural and creative store is relatively elegant and atmospheric. His main products are e-tickets for the Forbidden City, books related to the Forbidden City, calendars and other related products. Second Eat Forbidden City Cultural and Creative Store also launched a set of cooperative Chinese style lipsticks.

However, compared to the exquisite beauty of Taobao in the Forbidden City, this group of lipsticks in the cultural and creative store...seems to have known each other from time to time. It is estimated that Xiaotang’s TF lipstick applied to the Forbidden City’s tape is probably the same as the appearance effect. However, since everyone has been looking forward to the Forbidden City production for a whole year, and you have to support some sugar, so I also bought one. As for the experience of use, huh, let me tell you at that time.

However, speaking of the lipsticks in the Forbidden City Cultural and Creative Store, Xiaotang actually feels very similar to another makeup brand that focuses on Chinese style. It is the Katine that Xiaotang once recommended.

This time Kating also launched a set of Sauvignon Blanc lipstick gift boxes. The appearance and texture are still the same, with the addition of a gift box design of the big red palace door. This is going to compete with the Forbidden City small lipstick for the most beautiful Chinese style lipstick. Um huh, Xiaotian loves to hear that. Our country's style makeup team is getting bigger and bigger, and it also makes the European and American makeup giants hold their hands. The magic horse is the real national style makeup.

Cating’s national style lipsticks are made by leaking gold. The texture of the embossed lipstick shell is very delicate and exquisite, and the magnetic closure design is full of fun and convenience.

Of course, the most fascinating thing about sugar is its moist texture and the color that basically won't step on thunder. It can be said that the eight colors in this gift box are very practical in daily life, even if it is blind selection, there is basically no mistake.

Okay, so who do you like the most about the three sets of Chinese style makeup? Anyway, Xiaotang has no resistance to Taobao from the Forbidden City. When I was writing the article, I found that the second batch of makeup from the Forbidden City Taobao was on the shelves again. After this article, there were a few more lipsticks and small makeup in Xiaotang’s shopping cart. Not to mention, Xiaotang is going to place an order. Dear friends, if you have anything to say, remember to leave a message for Xiaotang.

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