Former ELLE editor-in-chief Xiaoxue will serve as promotion ambassador for Shanghai Fashion Week

2022-09-26 06:01

On December 30, 2019, Xiaoxue, the editor-in-chief of ELLE World Fashion Garden, updated a photo holding the inaugural issue and sent a message announcing his official resignation. It has been more than a year since now.

It is worth noting that Xiaoxue has cooperated with many brands in her personal capacity after leaving the "Elle World Fashion Garden", such as Erdos, Uniqlo, Guerlain, etc., and was invited by luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo to visit Li Jiaqi's Taobao last year. Fashion show in live studio.

As the editor-in-chief of the media, he participated in Shanghai Fashion Week in different ways every year. This year, facing the upcoming new identity, Xiaoxue also said that “Today’s Shanghai Fashion Week is far more than just a show, but also the best in China’s fashion industry. Platform. I believe that this platform will play a greater role in the future to promote industrial development, help Chinese brands, promote the sustainable development of fashion, and promote the power of women. It is also the best stage for international brands to appear in China. Hope one day, Shanghai Fashion Zhou Neng has become the vane of fashion all over the world."

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