Four blush painting methods for girls with long faces

2022-06-22 10:20

It is said that if the blush is painted correctly, the face is small and the complexion is good. If the blush is in the wrong position, the color and the overall makeup are not in harmony, or if the application is too heavy, it will become horrible, and it will become a deduction item and reduce the value of the face. Today, the editor of Mao Geping Makeup School has compiled four blush painting methods for girls with long faces. The atmosphere is full, and the age is super reduced, so hurry up and learn.

Girls who are the chief atrium can draw fan-shaped blushes to shorten the atrium. Starting from the temple position, extend to the direction of the mandibular angle, make a small amount of natural transitions and smudge, and swipe the blush on the tip of the nose and chin to make the face look smaller.

Girls with high cheekbones can use oval blush. When applying blush, from the bottom of the eyes to the temples diagonally upwards, the natural transition from deep to shallow is smudged. This is a daily blush painting method that does not make mistakes easily. It can weaken the cheekbones visually, and, at the same time, can effectively lengthen the eye shape and enlarge the eyes.

The girl with a long face swept the blush in the middle of her cheek in the shape of an inverted seagull, visually "cutting off" the length of her face, effectively shortening the atrium. When painting blush, be careful not to apply too much weight. The area of blush is large, so it takes a small amount of smudging to blend with the skin more.

Put the blush under the eyes in a ball shape. This painting method is also suitable for creating lovely Japanese vitality makeup. The tips of the ears and nose can also be slightly worn to make the atmosphere full.

You must apply a small amount of blush several times, layer by layer, to achieve a natural and clear color. In addition, the color of the blush should match the lip color as much as possible, so that the makeup will be more coordinated.

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