Four practical and fashionable jackets recommended for sportsmen in early spring

2022-08-29 06:01

It is not difficult to find that in recent seasons, men's clothing brands are more and more concerned about the practical performance of clothing. Designers have made the right balance between actual wear function and fashion art. Jackets have always put practicality in the first place. They are low-key, versatile and have a certain degree of warmth and wind resistance. They are perfect as men's dresses for the seasons. On the fashion stage of the new season, jackets with always simple faces are also offered with small surprises. The neat battlefield jackets present an increasingly business and sophisticated face; the baseball jackets that have been hot for several seasons have obviously converged their edges and emphasized low-key. The details of processing; the combination of waterproof jacket and business casual wear brings more matching suggestions for fashionable men; the low-key texture of suede jacket highlights the charm of quality in simplicity.

Recommendation 1 exquisite upgrade of the battlefield jacket

The battlefield jacket has obviously faded away from the rough coat this season, and has turned to a refined route. Exquisite tailoring lines, tough fabric texture, coupled with the inherent virility and masculine temperament of the field jacket, make it an excellent choice for men's jackets.

Matching guidance

Patchwork design battlefield jacket/Belstaff

Color sweater/Missoni

Dark brown velvet trousers Gucci

Light yellow plastic frame sunglasses/Illesteva

Used Army Green Backpack/Alexander Wang

Dark brown woven leather belt/APC.

Brown Nubuck Leather Boots/Bottega Veneta

The concise and powerful leather lines not only outline the fashion sense of this battlefield jacket, but also modify the exquisite taste. With comfortable knit sweaters and corduroy pants, it can easily create a modern impression of men's leisure time.


The sturdy leather stitching design at the collar and shoulders makes the coat even more heroic.

The battlefield jackets don't necessarily have to be earthy tones, and occasionally they need to be brighter.

The washed black fabric low-key conveys the vicissitudes of battlefield jackets.

Classic styles and steady colors make this battlefield jacket a versatile choice.

Recommendation 2 Baseball jacket style extension

Baseball jackets have been popular for several seasons, but it seems that designers are still interested in it this season, but they are no longer so sharp, but prefer to emphasize the details in a low-key. With various matching with bow ties, shirts, and trousers, we can see that this sports jacket, which originated on college campuses, is now entering the quality wardrobe of business men.

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