Do you really use cotton pads right?

2022-08-01 16:47

How to choose cotton pads?

When purchasing cotton pads, it is best to try them at the counter to observe the texture, thickness and integrity of the cotton pads after use. Generally speaking, high-quality cotton pads are made of materials comparable to medical cotton, and the thickness is slightly thicker.

What is the performance of the price gap in the product?

In addition to the factors of brand positioning, the price of high-quality cotton pads is generally slightly more expensive than that of ordinary cotton pads. There will be no rough feeling, and the penetration speed of the skin care product on the cotton sheet is relatively fast.

How to use cotton pads without hurting the skin?

When using cotton pads, you must pay attention to gentleness. Except for makeup removal, most of the maintenance procedures should avoid rubbing the skin hard when using cotton pads, so as not to scratch the stratum corneum, causing inflammation and skin damage.

Correct usage of cotton pads

1. Secondary cleaning

After cleansing, pour the cleansing water onto a cotton pad, gently wipe according to the skin texture and the direction in which the pores grow in the opposite direction, and then massage in circular motions on the forehead, chin, nose and other areas with thicker cuticles to help clean the pores.

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