Gathering together to get bald? It's better to spend money to buy a comfortable

2022-10-10 06:01

The 618 event started last night, what did you buy? Are your wallet and chandelier okay?

Anyway, when I was waiting for the final payment to make up the order, I ate an extra late-night snack... Damn, I was so hungry after a little bit of food (I scolded and flipped through some orange software while I was eating).

The intensity of this year's activities is still OK. Think about the previous two years when it was 300-30, 400-50, and this year it suddenly became 300-40, and suddenly made 10 yuan? I'm really itching not to buy it.

But when you pay the bill, you will always encounter the situation of 270 and 580, and you can get the full reduction with less than 20 or 30 yuan. It really makes people very popular!

Because in this case, the ending will inevitably buy a lot of unnecessary things together with the order... (That's right, my own TT)

Instead of closing your eyes to make up the order, it is better to take this opportunity to buy a wave of cost-effective makeup items. After all, eye shadows and lipsticks are not too much!

HOLDLIVE Red Velvet Eyeshadow Palette

#604 Mocha Milk Tea

Where to buy: HOLDLIVE flagship store

Reference price: 37RMB

Attention sisters with swollen eyes, it's not too late to buy this holdlive red velvet eyeshadow palette! What kind of bike do you want for only 30 yuan hahaha.

The whole eyeshadow palette is pink and orange, which is easy to match with spring and summer color schemes full of vitality, and it's OK to match them any way, so novice sisters can start with confidence.

The powder is relatively delicate to the touch, and there will be a little bit of flying powder, but it can be ignored for the sake of its cheapness!

What I love the most is its fine shimmer, superimposed on the center of the eyelids, sparkling under the sun, really striking!

The above is the painting method I usually use most often. It is suitable for classes, commuting, or dating. It is not complicated to draw, and it is still very enjoyable!

Orange six-color playful eyeshadow palette

#04 Sweet Orange Plate

How to buy: judydoll flagship store

Reference price: 49.8RMB

I I I finally got this avocado makeup "raw" at the beginning of summer! You guys have been waiting at the door of the delivery room for a long time!

There will definitely be sisters who think that the green eye shadow should look like being beaten, but in fact, not only is there no illusion of being beaten at all, but it is very small and fresh + special!

The texture of this orange six-color eyeshadow palette is astringent, but the color rendering is not bad, the sisters still lightly tap it.

I also have swollen eyes, but I can hold it if I pay attention to smudges. It is really possible to have such a plate of avocado color!

KACH Little Ice Cube Blush Highlighter

Where to buy: KACH Cosmetics Flagship Store

Reference price: 103.5RMB/2 pieces

I have to say that this brand is really sense, and the packaging is very eye-catching. I also think it is worth buying and collecting.

Its outer shell is like a small transparent ice cube, and the colored part is like jelly in the ice cube, which is so delicate and cute!

The texture is soft and glutinous, it feels very smooth, and you can easily dizzy it with your fingers.

I started with two sweet fruit shades, a #01 Glacier Islands and a #05 A Midsummer Night's Dream.

#01 Glacier Islands is a combination of berry blush + blue polarized highlights. The slightly drunken berry red inside makes the face very bright, and it is gentle and gentle when applied thinly. It is very everyday and goes well with makeup.

A little blue polarized light in the highlights should not look too good. You only need a little light and you will know what it means to have a galaxy on your face!

05A Midsummer Night's Dream is a fine-shimmering orange+pink-purple slanting flash. The color matching is very wonderful. The combination of vitality and cool style can be salty or sweet at any time.

The upper face will feel like a mermaid, and it is too present in the sun. It is wide to be used as a highlight and also to layer eye shadow~ Sisters who like polarized light like me, please start quickly and enjoy the happiness with me!

Orange Blush

How to buy: judydoll flagship store

Reference price: 43.6RMB/2 pieces

These two blushes I have bought for a long time, a #06 cream apricot, and a #08 plum, both matte colors, very suitable for sisters who take the low-key and elegant route.

#06 Apricot color is a creamy apricot color with an orange-brown tone, which is very suitable for yellow skin, and the face looks very temperamental.

Although this piece does not fly powder, the color itself is not very high in color rendering. Sisters can rest assured to brush it a few times without worrying about exaggeration.

#08 plum color has a high degree of color rendering, so be sure to apply a small amount several times. Immediately after putting it on the face, there is a sense of blood on the face, and there is a complexion in an instant! I usually paint lightly, and my face is full of vitality and cuteness.

The product is very cost-effective, but the powder quality is not very good. After all, it is cheap, and it will not be distressing to make an order. Haha.

Romand Lip Gloss

Purchase method: purchasing agent

Reference price: 45RMB

Oh Mai Kar, I'm going to mention Romand again (they really didn't give me advertising fees), I've never stepped on the thunder of their lip glaze, and they're all amazing!

The texture of this one is like lip oil, and it turns into glass lips in seconds after applying it, but it is not the greasy feeling of stealing lard, but a very advanced glass feeling! The shimmering in the sun is super nice!

Any lipsticks are beautiful, and those matte and matte lipsticks in autumn and winter will be turned out by me and continue to be favored by me.

The mouth is ice-cold, with a minty smell, and the silicone brush head is easy to control and easy to clean.

The only downside is that it doesn't form a film, and it sticks to the hair, but who makes it look so good on the upper lip! There is no reason not to buy it!

There is basically no difference between the three colors of this series, they are all colorless, just buy this one~

Mary Dalgar Knight Small Gold Tube

Where to buy: Mary Dalgar flagship store

Reference price: 124RMB/pc

I have given you Amway's knightly golden tube of Mary Dalgar before. After thinking about it, I still want to recommend it again, because it is really worth it!

The luxurious golden tube body, coupled with the matte printing paste, does not lose the big name at all.

You can refer to the three colors I bought, I am still very satisfied.

#312 Rose Promise

The thin coating is bean paste rose color, and the thick coating is berry cherry color, which is a rose red color that will not look old-fashioned. It is white and invincible.

#307 Lonely Aloof

The base tone of this one is a little rosy purple, and it becomes an aunty color when applied thickly. It is a lipstick with a super aura. When you apply it, the whole person is like a retro filter, and it is very beautiful.

#308 Indomitable War Horse

This is a pumpkin color with a brown tone. I won't say much about how friendly the orange-brown tone is to the yellow skin. It's my favorite orange color, and I usually put it on without makeup. It's also very refreshing~

The above are today's affordable makeup recommendations. Even if you don't make up your money, it's still a good deal to take advantage of the 618 promotion.

Do you have any tips for 618 shopping, please share it~

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