German Braun 9 Series Global Limited Edition Dream Shaver China Debut

2022-03-04 19:26

On September 9th, the brand new Braun 9 series global limited edition Dream Shaver will start global pre-sale on Braun's official WeChat platform, and will accept exclusive advance reservations in Jingdong Mall from September 9th to September 17th! High-quality technology and simple design inherited from Germany, adhere to high-quality materials combined with exquisite craftsmanship, to create a private dream shaving expert for you. The Braun 9 series is a limited edition of 999 sets of the world's limited edition Dream Shaver, each with a unique and exclusive code, and comes with a top domestic private golf event that gathered more than 50 star guests and elites - \"Brand ·VIP tickets for Chen Daoming and His Friends Golf Tournament. During the pre-sale period, pre-order the Braun 9 series global limited edition Dream Shaver on, and enjoy dream privileges such as priority number selection, \"luxury delivery\" and going to celebrity dinners in person.

Braun September new product poster

Be a stubborn person for your dreams

For nearly a hundred years, Braun has stubbornly used design and technology to change people's lives, and has created a high-quality shaving experience for everyone who stubbornly pursues their dreams with constant perseverance.

Adhering to simple design, using high-quality materials, inheriting exquisite craftsmanship, and exploring innovative technologies, Braun, Germany, tailor-made the world's best dream shaver for all dream practitioners who dare to change the world - 9 series global limited edition. To this end, Braun has specially prepared a dream gift box inscribed by Mr. Chen Daoming, a Braun dream messenger, which contains a product appreciation record, a travel leather case, a Braun VIP card and a limited-edition certificate to help stick to the dream.

dream shave dream courtesy

Efficient and comfortable shaving experience like never before is this one! For the first time, Braun from Germany presents you with four independent trimming parts synchronous operation modes, and with the resonant sonic technology, it can perform 40,000 cross-cuts per minute; the original power-lifting trimmer effectively lifts and shaves the neck and chin. Beards; the Ultra Sensitive shaving system ensures that the heads are in close contact with the surface of the skin when shaving. This shaver imported from Germany, which won the \"Oscar in Design\" - 2014 Red Dot Design Award, can accurately capture different types of beards and create outstanding shaving performance.

As the largest self-operated e-commerce platform in China, has undertaken the exclusive advance pre-sale of the German Braun 9 series global limited edition Dream Shaver. From September 9th to September 17th, anyone who pre-orders the 9-series global limited edition Dream Shaver on will receive VIP tickets for the \"Brand Chen Daoming and His Friends Golf Tournament\", and exclusive Enjoy priority number selection, instantly lock in meaningful exclusive codes, and have the opportunity to receive the dream treatment of \"luxury delivery\". At the same time, users who participated in the exclusive pre-sale will have the opportunity to go to the \"Dream Messenger Golfer's Tour - Chen Daoming and His Friends Private Golf Tournament\" post-match dinner, communicate face-to-face with Mr. Chen Daoming, the Braun Dream Messenger, and interact with more than 50 stars Guests and elites staggered in Gongchou to experience the sympathy of heroes.

On September 19th, the Braun 9 Series Global Limited Edition Dream Shaver will be exclusively launched online on, and you can also go to Braun counters to purchase.

The cool storm is coming, 9 is this one!

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