Gigi Fan Bingbing teaches you how to wear summer cowboys

2022-10-17 06:02

Denim has no boundaries in the fashion industry. You can choose handsome and unruly rompers to wear on the streets to earn eyeballs, you can choose simple and well-matched skirts to interpret Chic's lazy style, or you can use a personality The playful items make LOOK more interesting.

Gigi Hadid (Gigi Hadid) this dress, I wonder if it dangles you? Anyway, when the editor saw it, he was really amazed. It really deserves to be a fashion Icon. The clothes are fashionable and beautiful, and they are all basic models that everyone can buy. Think about your dressing skills. Are you willing to go downhill?

Gigi is really getting thinner and thinner, and the waist curve is even more sexy and charming. A super simple blue and black suit is indeed full of popular elements, and the striped knitted Crop Top is full of navy wind everywhere. did you see it? Fashionable people don't wear clothes well. Gigi's jumpsuits are tied around the waist at random. It's really Fashion's incredible; coupled with this pair of Rihanna's co-branded wool slippers, it's beautiful!

Cowboys are not only the darling on the street, but also a popular choice for many blockbuster films. Have you been so handsome by Fan Ye's denim jumpsuit?

The blockbuster also interprets the various styles of cowboys to the extreme. All free and easy jumpsuits, retro and literary skirts, are all very good-looking. You can also learn the fashionable collocations of models, make full use of the basic models in the closet, and at the same time make you beautiful in minutes.

The same jumpsuit was "played" by supermodel Stella Lucia again

Supermodel Stella Lucia appears in Allsaints' latest street photo shoot

Cowboy suit:

Don't subconsciously think that denim suits are hot. In fact, it is not cool enough for both visual and personal experience. The seemingly random but patchy denim suit wears a trendy style of this summer. The fashion elite has consciously made the hair color more suitable for this season, and the dynamic sense of color makes the style more refreshing.

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