Gillette's "Shaving and Care-One" Frontier Care Shaver is Newly Available

2022-03-04 19:26

Every man wants to take a few easy steps every day to make himself look good.

In the face-seeing era, no one cares about their appearance. But for skin care, instead of carefully studying and distinguishing between similar skin care products and taking good care of themselves, men would rather spend this time, or watch a piece of sports news, or brush up on current events, or play a fun game, or take care of them. beloved woman.

Simple and unfettered, this is the life of a man. Men, do not want to change their habits.

Because of this, men have never found that even the habit of using a razor in the morning wash can trigger the butterfly effect, affecting the appearance and mental state of each day. If you are accustomed to using low-end electric shavers, you only need to pay attention to it, you will find that because you cannot completely shave your beard, every time you press hard and repeatedly stroke your skin, it will cause the skin to be red, swollen, hot, rough and uncomfortable. , the facial triangle is dull and dull. Even after shaving with various care products, the damage to the skin caused by shaving irritation cannot be reversed.

circle repeatedly

Of course, no one is willing to change their habits easily, so Gillette changed himself. The launch of Gillette's new product, Invisible Care, perfectly combines shaving and skin care. Now, with just a razor, men can keep their looks in perfect condition.

The secret of Feng Yin Zhi Hu's protection lies in the man's pre-beard protection.

Fengyinzhihu is Gillette's world's first "shaving and care-in-one" shaver. It is equipped with the FLEXBALL patented smooth ball that allows the razor to play the piano, and Gillette's core technology with five layers of ultra-thin blades. Not only that, but it's Gillette's first shaver in the world to have a wraparound lube strip - toe and back, wraparound lube. While shaving, protect your skin.

Wrap around lube strip

Specially designed for men's skin care, the unique wrap-around lubricating strip of Invisible Care allows dry and sensitive skin to shave without the "adaptation period", giving you double protection before and after the blade.

Five-layer ultra-thin progressive elastic blade

The five-layer ultra-thin blade is the core technology of Gillette. The progressive elastic arrangement allows the shaver to better fit the fibrous roots, ensuring a clean shaving experience for consumers.

The FLEXBALL technology is the result of Gillette's five-year research and development. For the first time, the Gillette cutter head can be rotated 24° left and right to better fit the facial contours.

Standard and Ice Cool

The lubricating strip of Feng Yin Zhi Ice Cool Edition shaver contains cooling factor, which protects the facial skin and brings a cool shaving experience.

excellent quality

German knife head, Polish knife holder. Gillette Fengyin Zhihu continues the excellent tradition of Fengyin family, the blade can be washed all over the body, and the blade head is suitable for any blade holder of Fengyin series.

This shaving artifact, born in line with the age of beauty, will protect men from skin irritations such as pressing, repeated circles, and burning every time they shave, while providing a comfortable and smooth shaving experience, allowing men to achieve their goals. The perfect appearance state, easy to face any life challenges. Don't hesitate, log in to Gillette's official flagship store to snap up!

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