Gina's ant waist is too amazing? Come and see Wang Jiaer Xiaozhan's waist

2022-12-26 06:01

In fact, the "ant waist" of others is no longer exclusive to girls, and there are many male artists in the entertainment circle who have "peerless waists". So, let’s hold a #男爱豆腰精大赛# today to see if your idols are shortlisted?

When Luo Yunxi starred in "Sweet Honey Dumping Like Frost", "Run Jade Waist" was already deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

The shape of Yingying's grip makes many fans dream of.

Luo Yunxi was born in ballet. Although he hasn't been on stage for many years, his waist skills have not fallen at all. When driving the fight, turn your waist down, turn your wrists and turn your fans, all in one go, and your martial arts movements are smooth.

Immortal spirit fluttering in the waist and abdomen without losing the sense of strength.

Before, Luo Yunxi's studio had publicly measured his waist circumference, which was only 61cm! Peerless waist, stamped and certified.

Speaking of "waist", then Xiao Zhan's name has to be mentioned. There are rumors in the arena: "Xiao Zhan's waist, a life-threatening knife."

When filming the TV series "Chen Qing Ling", Xiao Zhan relied on a peerless waist dressed in a red attire to make popular searches.

Xiao Zhan's perfect body proportions can't be concealed under the personable ancient costume.

With a height of 183, the head-to-shoulder ratio is superior, and even the overall shape of the overalls can be handled with ease, and the walking hanger is well-deserved.

Let's feel the stage animation of Xiao Zan's brother again. A perfect interpretation of what is: "Brother Shark doesn't need a knife, he takes the soul and leans on his waist."

If there is only one word to describe Wang Jiaer's figure, it is: "perfect".

As an idol, he receives high-intensity dance training on the stage every day, and his waist muscles are naturally very superior.

In addition, Gaga was a professional athlete before his debut and won the fencing gold medal at the Asian Youth Championship at the age of 17, so he is very strict with his body management.

The arm has strong lines, with clear lines of chest muscles, abdominal muscles, back muscles, mermaid lines, shark lines...Any picture will make people burst into blood and imagine.

The chucking waist is too good, although the muscles on the body are tight, the waist contour is just right. It is natural to have a superb body to show it as a fan and welfare at the concert. At this moment, I want to become a fan in the audience and make a crazy call for the famous figure of Gaga!

Send another skill lore, take it away!

Any part of Wang Yibo's body can make his debut alone, from the right-angled shoulder of the famous TOP1 star fashion vote to today's peerless waist.

In fact, as early as "Chen Qing Ling" was broadcast, Wang Yibo's waist had already aroused heated discussion, and his waist was cut and his back was light and handsome. Because of his many years of dancing experience, Wang Yibo has well-defined abdominal muscles, so he can often feel the strength of his waist and abdomen on the stage.

Yebo's waist is thin, soft and flexible. Every time he sees his waist, he will be stunned. The balance is simply superb, worthy of beating him 10,000 times.

Recently, Wang Yibo’s incarnation of "Wang Duck Neck" brought the first cross talk show. He wore a blue gown to set off his waist ratio more gracefully. It is worthy of a "human figure hand blog". Any shape can be easily held, and it is malleable. Extremely strong.

Next, I sincerely invite you to try Wang Chenyi's peerless waist. Many people may know Wang Chenyi from "Creation Camp 2019". At that time, he immediately ignited the audience with his superb dance skills as soon as he appeared on the stage.

For dance, he can always show a unique understanding and a high degree of completion. There is no extra dazzling skills. The movements, shots, costumes, including the dancers themselves, have all become part of his emotional expression. Dance seems to be the bond of his emotional expression.

The greatest feeling of his dance is that it is smooth, relaxed and natural. To do this requires strong muscle control and physical coordination.

When asked what part of his body is most satisfied, Mr. Wang also frankly said that it is the waist, because he is used to doing some dance moves with the waist, and likes to use the waist when dancing.

What about human slingshot? This kind of "peerless waist", whoever reads it without saying a word, I can!

Yao Chen, who is also well-known by the public on the stage of "Creation Camp 2019", is also very capable of playing.

Although Yao Chen has a slender figure, she has a perfect body ratio, wide shoulders, narrow waist, long legs, smooth arm lines, eight-pack abs and A4 waist. He is nicknamed "Midnight King".

The waist is good, the bottom is stable, and the dance is almost A out of the sky.

In the recent RISE concert tour, Yao Chen made a stunning appearance with red hair, wearing a gray check suit, slim tailoring to outline a tall figure, a small waist online shark.

The lines of the abdominal muscles are so excellent, which shows how much Xiaochen usually requires of his body.

In this "Idol Fairy Contest", Mu Ziyang must be on the list. He can hit your heart with a thousand beautiful pictures every minute.

The supermodel with a height of 188, wide shoulders, narrow waist and long legs exudes hormones all the time.

The muscles are well-developed and symmetrical, the layout is reasonable, the outline is clear, and the proportions of the shoulders, chest, and waist are in an inverted triangle. You look thin when you dress, you have flesh when you take off your clothes, and there is nothing more than the best figure in the world.

Let's feel Xia Mu Ziyang's super small waist again, this may be the feeling of heartbeat.

Dressing comes with high-level buff, no matter where you go, it is a catwalk show.

Mu Ziyang personally proved: "It's not that clothes are expensive, it's me."

Of course, Zhao Rang is indispensable for the male artist who leaned back out of the circle. "A man with a tall face, handsome face and ten heads" is an accurate evaluation of him by fans.

In the recent "Supernova National Games" men's martial arts individual finals, Zhao Rang played the stick vigorously and aggressively. One move and one move are like moving clouds and flowing water, full of chivalrous demeanor. A black dress reveals the waist proportions vividly, which makes people unable to move their eyes.

The domineering and arrogant show in the dance, the expression management is great, the clear lines of the collarbone and abdominal muscles are looming, sultry invisible.

It is also worth mentioning that Zhao Rang's waist flexibility is suffocating. I want to buy insurance for my brother's waist.

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