"Girlfriend" Tanabata attracts attention to reveal the starring actress's sweet muscle maintenance plan

2022-09-26 06:01

The movie "Girlfriends" starring three actresses Chen Yihan, Xue Kaiqi, and Yang Zishan, in which the three girls and the male actors interpret a story of friendship and love intertwined with companionship, sharing, and jealousy. Previously, in the promotional posters for "Girlfriends", the post-80s were young, beautiful and full of vigor. They hugged each other tightly to reflect the love of their girlfriends, and their fair and delicate skin is even more eye-catching, which is very exciting!

In the movie "Girlfriends", the three girls have different personalities and performances, Chen Yihan's playful, smart, gentle and kind little girl image, Xue Kaiqichuo's graceful and queenly temperament, Yang Zishan's rational and hard-working modern female image, for us It tells a story about the love between girlfriends. Although they have different personalities, the white skin is displayed on the screen, and the delicate and smooth skin under the delicate facial features is even more charming. Let the editor reveal the skincare secrets of the three leading actresses of "Girlfriends"!

Chen Yihan

With the beautiful and refined and lovely little fairy in "Struggle", Taiwanese actor Chen Yihan began to gain popularity in the mainland. She is also the gentle and kind Lin Xiao in the hit drama "Little Times", and her popularity has gradually increased. With big eyes, a sweet and glutinous voice, and a lively personality, she played a playful and lovely image in "Girlfriends" this time, as if it was designed for her. She usually looks like the girl next door, and with her fair and moist skin, she looks more radiant.

skin care experience

Ivy Chen once revealed that if she wants to have fair and translucent skin, she must start with sun protection first. If it is not for work, she will avoid going out in high temperature. Recently, because of the constant exposure to the sun during filming, the skin has become dry, but it is still possible to maintain fair skin. She laughed and said that the secret is to use whitening lotion and sunscreen repeatedly. She also recommends wearing hats, parasols, sunglasses, and long-sleeved underwear whenever possible to protect your skin.

Apply more masks to stay hydrated. In addition to daily whitening and sun protection, Chen Yihan will also often apply facial masks, especially at night skin care, strengthen moisturizing, "drink full water" for the skin, let the skin absorb the essence, and keep it supple and translucent.

Xue Kaiqi

Xue Kaiqi signed a contract with Warner Records and entered the entertainment industry as a singer. Later, she participated in many movies, and she performed "Premature" with Jaycee Jay. She was cute and petite and attracted the attention of many people. She has also accumulated many fans after transforming into an actor. The queen temperament to be shown in "Girlfriends" this time is different from the usual cute image, which is indeed highly anticipated! Naturally cute baby face, glowing healthy and lustrous supple skin, looks delicate and elastic, leaving a comfortable image at first glance.

Skin care experience:

Xue Kaiqi loves sports. She said that sweating through sports can detoxify the skin and make herself more beautiful. "I get tanned easily, and I can avoid outdoor sports in summer, but I will not refuse indoor sports. I do 20-30 minutes of exercise in the gym every day to make myself sweat." Exercise can not only maintain a healthy appearance, but also You can also maintain your figure, kill two birds with one stone!

Xue Kaiqi said that she sometimes tries milk baths. She said that milk baths are a very natural method, and the skin can become fair and tender. She also said that the secret she has developed is to massage the body with soybean powder after taking a bath, and once you have felt the body's skin become white and smooth.

Yang Zishan

Yang Zishan played the role of Zheng Wei in the movie "To Our Dying Youth". She was deeply loved by the audience for her superb performance, and her unique fresh acting style also won her the Best Actress Award at the Chinese Film Festival. Yang Zishan looks sweet, and this time she will play an intellectual and hard-working new-age woman in "Girlfriends", showing us a different image, full of mature and charming temperament. In addition to her excellent acting skills, the smooth and delicate skin under her small face adds a lot to her.

Skin care experience:

Yang Zishan said that she would eat more fruits to help whiten her skin. She believes that paying attention to maintenance and eating more vegetables and fruits are basic skills. Artists are most likely to affect the quality of their skin under high pressure. Eat more vegetables and fruits containing VC, such as cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, oranges, etc. , Because it contains a lot of VC, it can effectively help restore melanin, assist in whitening, and enhance immunity.

Yang Zishan also revealed that another of her skin care tips is to drink plenty of water during the day. Water is a beauty holy thing. When you wake up in the morning, you will drink cold boiled water on an empty stomach. She said that adding a slice of lemon to the water will have a good beauty effect. Drink a small glass of water 30 minutes before going to bed at night to allow cells to fully absorb, which can effectively prevent wrinkles.

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