Girls with wide hips and thick legs try this umbrella skirt to cover the flesh and look thin.

2022-10-10 06:01

Hello sisters~

Fans asked in the backstage: What kind of dress do girls with big hips wear?

This question is not difficult to answer, of course it is to wear an umbrella skirt!

Umbrella skirt, as the name suggests, is a skirt shaped a bit like an open umbrella. Its waist is narrow and the skirt opens slowly, which can effectively block the fat on the waist and abdomen. It can also hide the strong thighs by the way, and it will appear to be a lot thinner immediately after wearing it!

Umbrella skirts are very friendly to all kinds of figures, such as no waistline, big PP, thick legs and not straight legs, etc. You can rely on it to complete the counterattack.

Although the umbrella skirt is not to pick people, the length is still distinguished. What kind of umbrella skirt suits you? Let's take a closer look~

1. The shorter the umbrella skirt, the more youthful

Short skirts have a sense of vitality, while the hem of the umbrella skirt is open and the corners of the skirt are slightly curled. It is naturally fashionable and playful to put on the upper body. It will make you vigorous in minutes!

Mildew is a loyal fan of short umbrella skirts. In her earlier street styles, this kind of short umbrella skirt that reaches the thigh position has a very high appearance rate.

Due to the overall length of the skirt, most short umbrella skirts will be designed with a high waist, which can better cover the belly, show the length of the legs and stretch the proportion of the lower body.

It is highly recommended that small girls wear short umbrella skirts, which show both thin waist and long legs, and the upper body is cute and energetic.

If you are too lazy to match, just wear a dress to get it done, so you will have a very high-level and elegant kick.

2. Knee-length umbrella skirts are cute and not wrong

Knee-length umbrella skirts that are slightly longer than short umbrella skirts are relatively safer and not easy to run out. Because the length of the skirt is at the knee position, it will naturally give birth to a well-behaved literary temperament. In other words, it should be the perfect single product to wear to meet the boyfriend's parents.

The shirt and the knee-length umbrella skirt are a good combination, and the comfort is perfect!

Bold girls can change into colorful printed shirts, which are absolutely eye-catching and cool, and the fashion level is up!

3. The long umbrella skirt is the most feminine

Audrey Hepburn can wear a long umbrella skirt out of a woman's soul. Her match in the film "Roman Holiday" is simply too classic!

Going back to the outside of the show, Hepburn's long jumpsuit and umbrella skirt are equally elegant and charming.

The long umbrella skirt has a kind of magical charm, which can make the popular "female nerve" become a gentle goddess in seconds.

Matching a shirt with a long umbrella skirt gives it a retro feel in the formal. If it is matched with a T-shirt, it is more casual and avant-garde.

Keep in mind that with these two combinations, as long as the upper body is close to the elongated waist, the visual effect will be elegant and tall.

Here comes the most important part, which is how to match the umbrella skirt.

The most common is a white T-shirt with umbrella skirt. Although simple and not easy to make mistakes, it is easy to become a passerby.

The same goes for wearing a white shirt, simple rules, but nothing new.

tips1: Use the contrast color to be fashionable and advanced

For example, using a blue shirt with a khaki umbrella skirt like this, the color collision is full of high-level sense, it is really much more interesting to look at!

Or use a taro purple knitted top with a haze blue half-length umbrella skirt, which can easily be worn as a gentle lady.

It is not recommended to try a combination of too strong colors, after all, most people may not be able to hold such a shape.

tips2: The color of the top echoes the print of the umbrella skirt

If you want to add some new tricks to the collocation, you might as well think about it from another angle. The color of the jacket echoes a color in the umbrella skirt print, this way of dressing is innovative and will not go wrong.

Let's take a look at the magical effect of this collocation! Black T plus black printed umbrella skirt, the upper and lower body are matched with the color coordination, which does not look dull at all.

The combination of white T-shirt and printed skirt is also very good, because the white element is applied in the umbrella skirt, it also achieves a high degree of fit .

It is recommended not to use the same color on a large area of ​​the upper and lower body. The color of the upper garment may echo a color in the umbrella skirt print like this, which reflects a sense of fashion from the details.

You can also try to match a bright color top with a floral umbrella skirt to enhance your temperament~

Dark blouse + dark floral umbrella skirt. Although this combination is cool, it is a bit monotonous. The contrast between light and dark colors is the most attractive.

tips3: Umbrella skirt and high heels are the key

High heels seem to be born with a kind of magic, and women immediately become tall and straight when they wear them, and they become elegant together with their temperament.

Unless your ankle or calf is very thin, you can wear flat shoes as much as you want, otherwise it will be easy to appear short~

The most typical wrong demonstration is probably like this. The denim umbrella skirt is thick and heavy, and there will be a feeling of visual sinking. The over-length skirt blocks the ankles, and it seems very unconscious when pressed.

If you are also troubled with outfits because of your body shape, you might as well tell me, let me teach you a few tricks~

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