Good things for men

2022-10-31 06:01

Double Eleven in 2020 will be a little earlier than before.

Many people have experienced the first wave of shopping for a certain orange software, only to realize how complicated this year's gameplay is. There are a lot of pre-sales, allowances, and full reductions. Without an intermediate link, you can't get the most favorable price. I feel that the scumbag is not worthy of double eleven.

Especially the many men around me don’t know what is worth buying, nor how to buy the most hassle-free and cheapest, so people look anxious for them.

Therefore, the main fan hastened to submit a sharing list, which is a good word of mouth selection for men. From personal care, home and office goods, to clothing accessories and bags, it can improve the quality of life and travel experience. Direct discounts, no complicated formulas are needed, and the discounts add up, and it feels like a lot of savings.

Okay, don’t say much, hurry up and stock up~

· Footwear accessories·

Not Just Pajama

Not Just Pajama is a niche silk brand from London that emphasizes the crafting experience of "slowing down life". With its young and elegant design, excellent texture, and super high cost performance, it has become more and more popular in the past two years.

Not Just Pajama, who has worked hard on fabrics, has also launched very classic velvet slippers. It feels like it is time to wear them.

The upper is made of French velvet fabric, and the inside is made of breathable latex, which is not easy to deform and also has anti-bacterial effect. Fan bought a pair of Boy·A, the wearing experience is very good~

Its heel adopts a sloped 2-4cm scientific height, and it can clearly feel that it breaks down the pressure on the feet and waist. The sole is also spliced ​​with a silk suede anti-slip mat, which is quiet and light on the road.

The low-key and beautiful dark green color is very beautiful in the sun. The weaving pattern of the sole and the upper also looks very delicate~ With the silk pajamas, it feels that men can be full of exquisiteness at home. It can also be matched with tassels for a more refined combination.

Corgi is also a brand strongly recommended by Fan, and Fan You is no stranger to it. It is the socks brand used by the British royal family, and it happens to have the same name as the Queen's favorite Corgi dog. It has a history of 128 years since its establishment, and was awarded the title of "Royal Certification" by Prince Charles.

Their socks are of good quality, strong in design, solid colors and prints. You can always easily find the pair that suits you best.

More suitable for autumn and winter wear, is this pair of brown-red stockings, combed cotton with excellent comfort. The design is inspired by wild animals in nature. There is also a roaring brown bear on the sock, which is fierce with a touch of cuteness.

The print on the skull socks is reminiscent of Alexander McQueen's classic skull elements, full of British style. It also uses a comfortable thread design, the elastic socks will not be loose, and the fit is more comfortable.

French President Macron’s favorite high-end tie brand Cinabre is also one of the accessory brands strongly recommended by the fan. Every tie in his family is guaranteed by hand-made quality, exquisite material, high-quality texture, and a bright red on the back, which is a unique logo.

Among them, the most "flipped" tie is Macron's midnight blue silk tie, which is versatile and formal and elegant enough to handle all business and elegant occasions. At the same time, the price/performance ratio is very high, and one can be bought for only one thousand yuan~

If you want to choose a tie that will never be outdated and necessary for formal occasions, it must be right. This tie is very good to match, and the dark suits and light-colored shirts commonly found in the closet can be perfectly matched.

Not only can it be worn with a meticulous sense of formality, but it can also be worn a little bit crookedly, inadvertently revealing the red behind the tie, which feels very personal and full of caution.

In addition, Cinabre also specially launched a two-piece custom gift box, which can combine Macron with the same tie and other items, and it is the most suitable to buy.

Macron blue + burgundy red, a silk blue tie of the same style as Macron, aimed at business and formal occasions, and another more casual lightweight wool style that can be used in different occasions with ease.

If you like younger colors, you can choose the Macron Midnight Blue + Lake Blue suit. The elegant and refreshing lake blue tie, matched with a navy blue suit, looks quite layered, which is suitable for veterans in the workplace.

Le Tanneur

Le Tanneur, a century-old leather goods brand from France, not only has a long history, but also has exquisite workmanship and sophisticated materials. It is one of LV's suppliers and is also deeply loved by the French president's wife.

In terms of accessories, I believe that a versatile belt is a must-have for business men's wardrobe, especially the classic black model. Le Tanneur has a simple and versatile belt, the outside is black cowhide material, the inside is caramel color, the texture is visible, very high-end.

· Bag watch box ·

i'mblu is a minimalist luggage brand. The brand name is simplified from the English "I'm blue". Affected by the Bauhaus doctrine, i'mblu has always insisted on combining simple shapes with practical functions to provide good-looking and easy-to-use items for modern lifestyle travel.

The most practical one is this toiletry bag. The size of 26cm×20cm is enough for long-distance travel. The bag made of DuPont™ Tyvek® material is waterproof and breathable, anti-bacterial and anti-mite. The stains can be wiped off directly with a wet wipe, which is light and durable~

After unfolding, there is a four-segment partitioned bag, including a toothbrush bag with dry and wet separation and a bag in the main compartment. You can easily store your toiletries in an orderly manner.

At the moment, mask storage bags have also become a rigid need in life. Many people around me are worried about where they will receive after taking off their masks in a short time. After all, it is a protective equipment that is closely related to health, and we still need to treat it more carefully~

Out of the same consideration, i'mblu intimately introduced the mask storage bag, which still uses DuPont™ Tyvek® material, which is waterproof and tough, and has a unique paper texture and fold texture.

Le Tanneur

Le Tanneur, which is of good quality and low-key, has many items suitable for men.

For example, this presbyopic backpack is his classic style. The design is simple and majestic, the outline is round, and the style is casual and business. The bag body is full of old flowers composed of two letters LT, with royal blue and black as the main color, the style is classic and elegant, very durable~

Presbyopic coated canvas, wrapped with cowhide, wear-resistant and easy to take care of. I don’t have to say about the capacity, it can all be done with computers, files, or even short trips.

Watch boxes are just needed by many business men, after all, a good watch needs a comfortable "home".

The business model X Le Tanneur caramel color eight-compartment watch box recommended before is very worth starting. The caramel color is suitable for autumn and winter, with a "T" buckle design, classic and durable, you can put on your and your partner's watch in one go, and treasure your beautiful moments~

· Personal care ·

Kent is the brush brand used by the British royal family. It has a history of more than 240 years since its establishment in 1777. The founder William Kent made Kent the oldest brush manufacturer in the UK, and was awarded by King George III " The Royal Emblem of the United Kingdom", at the same time, it is the brand that the United Kingdom has obtained this emblem during the reign of 9 monarchs in a row.

For men, razors are just needed. The manual razor recommended today has a retro look, and the arc-shaped design of the handle is sleek and solid, which fits the hand and gives the razor a touch of elegance.

The cutter head is made of stainless steel. The three-layer cutter head adopts an arc design that fits the face, and the arc fits the face, so that the force can be evenly received during the shaving process, and it is more clean and tidy.

In addition to white, there are also black models to choose from, one refreshing and the other deep. The original price was 499 yuan, and now the discounted price is 299 yuan.

A set of replacement blades, dust bags and small boxes are included in the set, which is light and simple, and can be lightly loaded on business trips.

The hand-made razor set is also particularly worth starting. In addition to the signature razor, the package also includes ultra-mild goat milk handmade soap, a shaving brush that can quickly produce dense bubbles, and a hand-polished stainless steel shaving frame , It is convenient to take and store, and it has a sense of ritual when shaving~

As a professional comb brand, Kent combs for men are also particularly worth buying.

Like this 20T oil hair styling comb, it is specially made for men who comb oil hair. The appearance of the tortoiseshell is elegant and durable. It is anti-static and not easy to pull the hair. It is not only comfortable to hold, but also foldable for easy carrying.

Boy A, who often combs his hair, now uses this 20T, which is not easy to pull the hair and combs it smoothly.

Solid Cologne

The Solid Cologne brand was established in 2016. Unlike traditional cologne, the raw materials of Solid Cologne are natural wax and skin-friendly cologne, which can be directly applied to the skin, which is healthy and harmless.

The metal-textured box is full of coolness, and it is very small and easy to carry around.

The Cologne in this series is closer to the body fragrance and contains 5 different fragrances, each with a different character, there is always one that suits you.

The classic Alexander, the taste is taken from Alexander the Great, and the whole is a strong and lasting calm fragrance; Quentin, suitable for business people, is refreshing, very suitable for Asians; Xavier is sweet and full of masculine sexy charm...

There is also Felix, which combines fruity, botanical, floral and woody aromas. It is a rare soft cologne, fresh but not strong; For The Gentleman follows the classic formula of ancient cologne, with a long-lasting, even, Long aftertaste.

If you want a unique fragrance for men, then SG79's STHLM series perfumes are definitely a niche choice that does not collide.

This is a bottle of perfume that combines fragrance and art. It was inspired by a group of artistic photos taken in Stockholm. The photos were finally printed on the perfume box, full of art~

The bottle of N°1 cologne in the series is called "Stockholm's Afternoon Sunshine Interlacing", which has both Nordic style and French romantic art.

The top notes are orange peel, pink pepper, cardamom, sober and strong, and the base notes are benzoin, lemon, and Tiare, with a bit of freshness and romance, like fresh and bright sunshine, full of charming scent.

The chic little bottle and the simple black and white label are also in line with men's aesthetics.

hand hand hand

Just by hearing the name, you know that hand hand hand (Chinese name "三手") is an interesting brand. The founders are three designer friends. The brand originally started as a fragrance, and later launched candles, hand creams, liquid soaps and other products.

This indoor fragrance spray is very suitable for boys. Its styling is very eye-catching, the all-black or all-white bottle is cold and windy, with style and appearance. In addition to leather, silk and other materials that are easy to be dyed, ordinary pillows, clothes, and beds can all be sprayed with a fresh smell~

Among them, this spray based on sandalwood is the most popular among men. The scent is also accompanied by citrus fruit aromas and oriental spices such as coriander and ginger, which harmonizes the calm and quiet taste~

A 120ml bottle is not only easy to use, but also not expensive. The original price is 198 yuan, but now it has dropped to 178 yuan, which is worth buying~

· Good things in life ·

Suddenly TaDah is a domestic home lifestyle brand. When I saw this vivid brand name, I wanted to let people know it~

In fact, TaDah is an onomatopoeia in English, which means the moment of its shining debut, like a sudden unexpected surprise, illuminating the daily boring life. The same is true for their main ceramic utensils. Designers use creativity to awaken everyday utensils. When they see them, they will smile with their hearts.

More suitable for men is the gentleman series mug launched by the brand, which uses various illustrations to interpret the gentleman spirit.

Like a striped suit mug, printed with striped suit + bow tie prints, it is very business-oriented, with a large capacity of 450ml, suitable for use at home or at work.

The details are also impeccable. The handle of the cup is decorated with "Manners maketh man" in gold in English. This is the classic line of Uncle Colin in "Ace Agent", which can reflect the spirit of a gentleman. The bottom of the cup is also printed with a mustache pattern, which is also quite deliberate~

The British plaid mug in the same series is inspired by Sherlock, the reasoner in "Holmes". The mug is covered with a plaid cloak, and it seems to have become smarter.

The flight jacket mug, the printing inspiration comes from the pilot Maverick in "High Aspirations", the light bone china mug seems to be able to soar into the sky like Maverick~

The accompanying illustration card and the pilot sunglasses print on the bottom of the cup are also exquisite and interesting.

Founded in 1955, Fulton is the umbrella brand of the British royal family. The queen and other royal family members have N handles and have personally visited Fulton's factory. In 2003, it was awarded the "Royal Certification" label, so Fulton is often referred to as The "Queen Umbrella" has long become the Queen's personal symbol~

The most recommended to all men is this Commissioner umbrella. In the UK, the long-handled umbrella is one of the standard equipment for gentlemen to go out, and it can also be used as a "weapon" in film and television dramas such as "Ace Agent". This Commissioner is the first introduction of the Fulton men's series, not only Prince William likes to use it, but even Princess Kate also loves it.

Its retro dark wood-colored umbrella handle looks very catching at first glance. At the same time, the buckle and metal umbrella tip also have a sense of detail and recognition.

The unique arc shape of the umbrella handle not only has a first-class texture, but also has a very good grip. You will not feel tired after a long time.

Retro-style manual opening and closing design, 8-strand stainless steel frame, strong wind resistance like a birdcage umbrella. At the same time, the 270T fine umbrella cloth is also light and strong, and the umbrella surface dries as soon as it is shaken. It can be said that it combines a low-key appearance with a practical interior.

Boy A has been using this umbrella, showing the charm of a gentleman. After being opened, the smooth semi-circular umbrella body has a beautiful arc, and the total width is about 106cm, covering a large area, more than enough to accommodate 2 people.

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