12 new blush products for review

2022-07-29 11:35

In the new year and new weather, if you want to get rid of the bad luck of previous years, hurry up and let your dull muscles become pink, have a good complexion, and good luck will come naturally. Among the best-selling blushes in the market, which blushes can repair a rosy complexion and bring out the feeling of joy? Which blushes can restore your rosy skin, modify your face, and restore your youthful essence at the same time? This issue of PClady beauty review brings 12 new blush products for review, let's take a look at which one is best for you!

Evaluation products:

1.MAC soft mineral blush 

2. Clinique Heng Cai Rouge 

3. Oupo Lai multi-effect conditioning rouge 

4. Youlai Color Plastic Blush 

5. Shiseido Silk Rouge 

6. Anna Sui magic charm blush 

7. L'Oreal Paris perfect match flawless blush 

8. Benefit dandelion honey powder 

9. Bobbi Brown Star Gauze Yan Cai Rose Series 

10. Chanel Tweed Star Color Blush 

11. Lancome Spring Rose Blush 

12. Sun Moon Gorgeous Blush 

Evaluation items:

1. Appearance and texture-observe the infrared packaging and design of the gills, observe the texture with the naked eye, and feel the delicate gloss of the powdery texture at the same time.

2. Color rendering-apply blush on the back of your hand and observe the color, color rendering and gloss. 

3. Durability-apply blush on the skin of the back of the hand, and then spray a mixture of water and oil on the blush to see how well the blush falls off.

4. Real-life makeup look-models put on real-life makeup, and observe the effect of real-life makeup look.

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