"Grade 1" ratings of Grand Slam water code create a new trend of title

2022-10-31 06:01

In the past year, domestic variety shows have exploded, and it is nothing new for brands to compete for the title of variety shows. And Hunan Satellite TV's large-scale original youth inspirational program "First Grade", the exclusive title provider of the college season - "Water Replenishment Expert" Water Code, also from brand naming, program placement, social media marketing, fan marketing, online and offline promotion, etc. The multi-dimensional variety show marketing is full of tricks, realizing the perfect integration of brand appeal and programs. Let's take a look at how the water code has brought variety show marketing into play in the brand battle.

The exclusive title collides with the spark of "young"

The ubiquitous youthful vigor in the college season of "First Grade" perfectly fits with the brand appeal of beauty and water code. The "match" makes Water code win the exclusive title of the show in one fell swoop, and can integrate the brand into the program in an all-round way, earning Foot eye. However, the water code did not adopt a tyrannical strong implant, but was gently exposed, striving to be natural and giving the audience the greatest comfort and beauty. The slogan of "Professional good hydration, the more water the more youthful" also subtly followed the show.

In addition, in order to cooperate with the program, Water Code has also opened the theme website of "Grade 1·Water Run School". As of January 15, the number of visits reached 1.87 million. Among them, the "Student Water Replenishing Station", which launched fans' votes, won 93 More than 3 million votes were cast.

Brands take the opportunity to carry out entertainment marketing to the end

If you think that you can sit back and relax by winning the title of the show, then the pattern is too bad. If you want to use the program to extend the brand attention cycle, it is also crucial to take advantage of the relevant hot content of the program for secondary fermentation and dissemination. The water code combined with the program to carry out social media marketing and fan marketing, mainly in:

2. Through the timely follow-up of the hot topics of students and stars in each issue, the content is disseminated, and the stars and popular students are used to grab more attention for the brand, and use fans to detonate the topic. Water Code uses the powerful star resources of popular Korean idols such as Chen Daoming and Chen Kexin, Park Chanyeol, Yoon Eun Hye, Nichkhun, Cai Lin and other popular Korean idols to increase brand communication efforts.

Close to the youth elements, multi-dimensional communication to capture the hearts of young audiences

In terms of content marketing, Water Code not only created cartoon images and GIF expression packs of popular students in the program to reach more young audiences,

It has also created a lot of gifts around the show (towels, pillows, water cups, masks, desk calendars, etc.) to attract young fans,

It also combines the original entertainment specials of each program [One Sister Says] and [Today's Burst], and the content with different styles is very popular. Among them, the #一 Sister Says# topic has been read by 8 million times. The original viral video series of "One Sister Says" was recommended on the Youku homepage, with a total of 3.2 million views.

The offline is even more crazy. The campus sends water and enjoys the carnival of thousands of people.

The entire marketing communication of Water Code's "Grade 1" college season did not end here. With the theme of the show's sunny youth campus story, Water Code created a series of powerful offline campus activities--United Girlfriends.net Goddess The "Senior's Arrival" activity and the "Professional Replenishing Water, the More Water Gets Younger" campus theme activities jointly organized by the college have conducted in-depth communication with the college student group, which has aroused the participation of 420,000 students nationwide and a very high topic interaction. It not only promoted the program promotion of "Grade One", but also strengthened the brand appeal of the water code, realizing the win-win cooperation between the program and the brand.

Analyzing the variety show marketing pattern of Water Code's "Grade 1" college season, we can see that the diversification of brand marketing is irreversible. Choosing a program that is highly compatible with the brand's tonality and winning the title is just the first step in the layout of the entire marketing. Multi-dimensional content, multi-platform interaction, multi-fan coverage and multi-directional communication can make the brand unrivaled. With the name of the overall crown, it makes full use of variety show marketing to make continuous brand attention.

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