"Grandma's shirt + pants" must be worn in autumn, I have selected the 13 most beautiful sets

2022-09-26 06:01

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Original title: "Grandma's shirt + pants" must be worn in autumn, I have selected the 13 most beautiful sets

Since the retro style was blown in the fashion circle , grandma's shirt has turned into a red one again and has become the favorite of the current fashionistas . The reason why I like it so much is that in addition to showing the beauty of girls to the fullest, it can also show the most gentle side of women.

I have to say that grandma's shirts are too popular this fall . It's almost a manpower level. I'm even more exaggerated. There are more than a dozen of them, and they won't be repeated for half a month. The most conventional way to wear an early autumn grandma's shirt is to wear pants , simple, casual, fashionable and beautiful.

Which trousers are suitable for a grandma's shirt? Let's talk about it in detail below.

Granny shirt + wide leg pants

Wide-leg trousers look thin and modify the shape of the legs. For girls who have thick legs and not straight legs, they are definitely an indispensable tool for matching. With grandma's shirt , it is more lazy.

The soft and waxy grandma's shirt is really not resistant in the fall, and the big H-shape really doesn't pick a figure . There is also a black and white contrasting color design that reduces age .

The length that can cover the ass is also good, and there is no sense of persuading small girls. I wore a pair of gray wide-leg pants , and the design of the high waist was clear at a glance.

Wearing a white vest inside, when opening the grandma's shirt, the high waist line is easily revealed, and the long legs are naturally displayed. I am still very satisfied with the effect of 163cm.

My girlfriend has no confidence in her height, and can't wear any medium and long tops. I recommended this grandma's shirt , which has both a V-neck and a short style .

The V-neck can make the neck of the person wearing it look more slender, and the short style is simple. When paired with high-waist wide-leg pants , it shows the proportion of " short upper and longer lower " figure.

Sisters who pay attention to fashion must have discovered that this kind of wide-leg pants that mopping the floor is very popular recently, because when paired with a short grandma's shirt, it really shows long legs.

This modeling has a small trick, which is to use the depth of the color to form a color collision , so that the effect presented will be more obvious.

Granny shirt + suit pants

Nowadays, the popular suit pants have changed too much. The most intuitive thing is that they have become wider at the top and narrow at the bottom . They have a very strong ability to hide meat and make them thin. They also lack a sense of formality. You can wear them to more occasions.

What is the experience of having a pair of comfortable and slim trousers? It can modify the legs and buttocks to look great and beautiful, and the length of nine minutes can also expose the ankles. It is better to step on a pair of slightly pointed loafers to show the leg length.

"The simpler the more the atmosphere" is definitely not unfamiliar to you. This pink grandma shirt exists in this way. The fit is slightly loose, and you won't be afraid of a little belly.

Moreover, its fabric is very light and thin, and it is very comfortable to wear on the upper body. The two buttons on the neckline can be unbuttoned, and the slender clavicle can be exposed. What if there is no clavicle? Decorate it with a necklace!

What attracts me most about this grandma's shirt is that it is tightened to the waist on the upper and lower sides, showing the graceful waistline, making people thinner and thinner, and it is really properly opened and hung.

Pairing with suit trousers is a win, commuting versatile and showing your taste. It is one of my grandma shirts that I wear most often. Wearing with canvas shoes is very age-reducing.

I love wearing grandma's shirts so much, how can I not have a striped one? The horizontal stripes have a unique ability to look thin, and the V-shaped neckline also has the effect of visually shrinking the shoulders.

With a pair of simple fisherman shoes, whether it is going to work or going on a date, it feels like there is no sense of contradiction.

Granny shirt + jeans

The combination of grandma's shirt and jeans is a fashionable CP that is very tacit in early autumn. It can not only meet the needs of fashionable and sophisticated wear, but also is not pretentious at all, and easily dents a sense of luxury.

Grandma's shirt will become the same when you buy it, so I started with this small design grandma's shirt. The stitching of the shirt and the knitting is very innovative.

In addition to the splicing of the two materials, it also has a mystery. The wide pink thread on the hem has a visual contraction effect, and the waist and abdomen will be weakened, making it very thin.

For such a matte color, you can try a pair of dark jeans . It can highlight this grandma's shirt. I chose a pair of straight-leg high-waisted jeans. I didn't expect to have such a good effect on leg length.

The laziness of the grandmother's shirt meets the unruly of jeans, really wear it well, the trousers are rolled up, and the ankles are exposed with a pair of canvas shoes , casual and casual.

It’s still more casual if you wear the pink grandma shirt with jeans. For girls who like to go shopping, it’s worth a try.

Polo-necked grandma's shirts have a sense of neatness. In the past two years, they have become more and more popular among the ladies in the workplace. The formed V-neck allows you to get the "swan neck" in minutes.

That's it for the sharing of grandma's shirt and pants. Everyone wants to know what to wear with grandma's shirt, you can leave a message to me~

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