GUCCI BAMBOO Bamboo Perfume for Women: A New Fragrance for Women

2022-03-04 19:26

As one of Gucci's most prominent design icons, strength and elegance have become the norm for today's Gucci woman. Bamboo can thrive in the harshest conditions and its natural strength rivals that of steel. Bamboo is slender and elegant, and has more soft and upward power than other plants. The modern Gucci woman has the same properties as bamboo, cleverly balancing strength, confidence and inner tenderness. Just like bamboo, she is the perfect combination of multi-faceted temperament.

Fragrance Introduction

The Gucci Bamboo fragrance for women shows the diversity of the Gucci woman: she is gentle, confident, intelligent and strong. This fragrance represents her connotation, infinitely close to the heart of the Gucci woman, carefully tailored for her.

Natural yet complementary fragrance components create a captivating olfactory feast. Woody and warm notes rip through from the bottom, with luscious sandalwood, intoxicating Tahitian vanilla and unique ambergris, an exotic combination of soft Casablanca lily, delicate orange blossom and delicate ylang-ylang Floral notes form a wonderful complement and contrast.

Fragrance Packaging

Combining refined sensibility with powerful lines, the bottle design becomes a sensual statement. The unique bottle reveals the fragrance's inspiration and Gucci's well-known design signature. Bold cutting art embellishes diamond-inspired glass facets, complementing the curvaceous soft cap and pale pink fragrance. The sleek cap reflects the clear outline of bamboo in polished silver metal.

The beautiful and glamorous rising star Gal Gadot combines a symbol of strength with a feminine allure and glamour, making her the perfect ambassador for Gucci Bamboo fragrances for women.

This wonderful commercial was directed by Fabien Baron and starred Gal. The ad shows the unique qualities of a Gucci woman: her passion, tenderness and charm.

The print ad was shot by Mert and Marcus, making it impossible to look away. The gentle and beautiful Gal in the picture is the embodiment of the Gucci woman. Behind her is an elegant bamboo, showing an irresistible temptation. There is no doubt that she is the perfect combination of femininity and strength.

product information

Gucci Bamboo Bamboo Charm Women's Perfume 30ml / RMB730

Gucci Bamboo Bamboo Perfume for Women 50ml / RMB910

Gucci Bamboo Bamboo Charm Women's Perfume 75ml / RMB1280

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