Gucci Bloom Gucci fragrance for women launched

2022-03-04 19:26

Gucci Bloom: Alessandro Michele's first fragrance collection

"I envisioned a fragrance rich in white floral scents that would make one feel like being in a vast garden country, surrounded by all kinds of fragrant flowers and plants. This mottled garden is like a woman's heart Generally beautiful and frenetic, rich and varied, so is the scent of Gucci Bloom, an olfactory feast like never before." - Alessandro Michele

Michele's spirit in making fragrances is to show women's freedom-loving attitude, revealing the true side of nature. At the same time, with his design concept of color and decorative patterns, he creates a contemporary woman who is unique and expresses herself - like a blooming flower that blooms with confidence.

Gucci Bloom is the first fragrance collection created by Michele, who uses his boundless imagination to interpret the contemporary spirit of Gucci incisively and vividly, presenting the charm of women's authenticity, vitality and diversity.

Young women follow their innermost thoughts, enjoy the fruits of life and experience, and show their true selves. Their ideas are not limited by the world, and they retain those unforgettable memories in their lives, so as to integrate themselves into the life, culture and art around them, and compose a moving story of their own.

When Michele was preparing the fragrance, he injected elements representing the vigor and vitality of Gucci Bloom, including the dreamlike advertising image blockbuster and the subversive design concept.

Concocted by master perfumer Alberto Morillas, with the aesthetics of Michele, Gucci Bloom is as stunning as its name suggests. In the ideal image of Mikai, its fragrance is like a vibrant garden blooming with all kinds of flowers, exuding wisps of fragrance.

High-quality, high-purity natural raw materials exude the breath of nature. The rich floral notes are unforgettable, and the unique ingredients bring a new olfactory feast.

The natural tuberose from India is perfectly blended with natural jasmine, and the jasmine stamens extracted with a unique extraction method combine natural jasmine with artificial molecules, exuding a fresh fragrance of grass and petals. In addition, Gucci Bloom also features the first flower as an ingredient in an incense blend - the gentleman. The gentleman is produced in South India, expressing the novel and unique concept of fragrance. When the junzi is made to bloom, its color will fade from white to pink, and finally to red when in full bloom. The fresh scent of flower vines adds a feminine touch to the fragrance.

bottle design

As the master and explorer of beauty, Michele extends the spirit of fragrance to the design and packaging of the bottle to present the diverse side of women.

Michele said: "The design of the Gucci Bloom perfume bottle is not to attract men, but to hope that the women who use it can carry it with them. The design of the bottle is not a transparent glass bottle, but a nostalgic painted porcelain. Full of romantic and gentle charm, clean and slender lines, this material is my favorite."

The retro pale pink blends perfectly with the lacquered square bottle and features Gucci lettering in a ribbed black frame. The inner and outer sides of the packaging carton are decorated with the brand's exclusive red and white wax leaf print as the theme, and the red branches and leaves contrast with the petals.

Advertising image blockbuster

Gucci joins forces with contemporary women, with actor Dakota Johnson, actor and model Hari Nef and artist Petra Collins presenting the intriguing sensibility and glamour of the Gucci Bloom fragrance collection. They are not only friends of Michele, but also have a special fate with Gucci. Their innate and unique charm perfectly integrates the aesthetic concept that Gucci wants to convey. The three women under the lens of photographer Glen Luchford all exude a unique and charming style. They shuttled through the city, exuding the fragrant floral fragrance of Gucci Bloom, turning the busy city into a beautiful and romantic English garden. Flowers bloomed in afternoon tea on the sidewalk, verdant plants filled the apartment, and flowers and reeds rippling by the lake at dusk.

They danced and walked, enjoying the good times of freedom: these three contemporary women represent Gucci's new vitality and interpret the nature of Gucci Bloom's natural harmony.

product information

Gucci Bloom EDP Gucci Flower Eau de Parfum 30ml / RMB 730

Gucci Bloom EDP Gucci Flower Eau de Parfum 50ml / RMB 910

Gucci Bloom EDP Gucci Flower Eau de Parfum 75ml / RMB 1280

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