Guerlain's first new concept boutique in Asia opens in Shanghai Xingye Taikoo Hui

2023-01-30 06:01

Originating from the royal family and founded in 1828, Guerlain, the top fragrance brand of France, joined hands with brand spokesperson Yang Yang to grandly unveil the first new concept boutique in Asia at Xingye Taikoo Hui in Shanghai. Ms. Dai Yanting, General Manager of Guerlain China, Mr. Li Zhenhui, General Manager of Xingye Taikoo Hui Leasing and Management, and Ms. Du Yili, Deputy General Manager of Xingye Taikoo Hui Leasing and Management, attended the event to witness this extraordinary moment.

For centuries, Guerlain has always been committed to inheriting the artistic pursuit of quality of life. Ms. Dai Yanting, general manager of the brand in China, said: "The opening of the first new concept boutique in Asia is an important milestone in the brand's development in China. We have introduced a number of classic boutique limited edition perfumes from Guerlain in France for 189 years, and for the first time, we have brought perfume private customization and consulting services to China. Today, we also invite Yang Yang, the brand's first male spokesperson, to witness this important moment with us. Yang Yang has always maintained a pleasant and close cooperative relationship, and has launched a variety of limited products for Yang Yang, including the limited exclusive fragrance 'Blue Friends' and the kiss velvet lipstick engraved with Yang Yang's signature and limited characters. After that, we We will continue to work together to launch more limited editions of Yang Yang, continue the deep cooperation between each other, and pass the elegant spirit of Guerlain to more people."

Figure 1 - From left - Ms. Du Yili, Deputy General Manager of Xingye Taikoo Hui Leasing and Management, Mr. Li Zhenhui, General Manager of Xingye Taikoo Hui Leasing and Management, Ms. Dai Yanting, General Manager of Guerlain China, and Yang Yang, Guerlain Brand Spokesperson for Guerlain Asia's first new concept boutique opens

At the unveiling scene, Yang Yang released a new "Yang Yang color" - Guerlain kiss velvet lipstick KK Matte 347, which set off a new craze. A kiss that is delicate and soft on the lips, will keep you a good time. The unforgettable sweet kiss, full of moving colors, overflowing with infinite happiness, the new "Yang Yang color", let your lips kiss sweetly.

French Guerlain brand spokesperson Yang Yang elegantly appeared at the unveiling scene, exuding the same royal temperament as the brand in every gesture. From March 2016, when he became the first male brand spokesperson of Guerlain in France, he first visited the House of Guerlain for filming and met "Emperor's Water" at first sight, to the opening of the first new concept boutique in Asia today, Yang Yang and Guerlain have walked hand in hand. After many important moments, the bee seal bottle that follows the royal style has always witnessed the intimate story between the two. At the event site, this indissoluble bond has heated up again. With the launch of the exclusive fragrance customization service for the first new concept boutique in Asia, the brand has customized a series of exclusive fragrances for Yang Yang - " "Blue Friends", and together with the "Wools" to present this exclusive "Blue Friends" gift box to Yang Yang. As for why he chose the blue bee-print bottle, Yang Yang shared: "During my trip to the House of Guerlain in France, I was fascinated by a romantic term shared by the photographer - L'heure bleue, the blue of time, when night and day alternate, The change of light and shadow is sealed with the lens, and the most wonderful magical time of the day is sealed. I think the same is true of the fragrance, which can freeze the time and collide with countless wonderful stories.”

The warm and gentleman Yang Yang has prepared a thoughtful and exclusive gift for the more enthusiastic "wools", bringing a new "Yang Yang color" - Guerlain kiss velvet lipstick KK Matte 347! The classic bottle designed by Hervé Van der Straeten is decorated with a golden matte finish, and here comes the golden KK... This is the first hydrating and plumping velvet lipstick from Guerlain, with ultra-high-potency active ingredients hyaluronic acid and nigella oil for long-lasting nourishment and plumpness Lips in a vibrant matte shade with an intense matte finish that's irresistible. Fashionable and versatile, it can unlock any occasion. Yang Yang even more affectionately "confessed" to the fans on the spot: I am very grateful for the love of every minute and every second of the wools, you are the blue of my time, and every moment with you is wonderful and warm! This gold KK is engraved with the words 001, which is a brand new Yang Yang color, for you and you.

A century-old chanson family royal water re-engraved luxury

As a century-old Chanson family, Guerlain has been favored by royalty and celebrities since its inception. Created to celebrate the wedding of Napoleon III, Empress Eugenie, the Eau de Reign won the coveted title of "Royal Perfumer" for the founder of Guerlain in France. Once it came out, the water of the king was hailed as a legendary fragrance with epoch-making significance. To this day, it remains a classic in the fragrance world and continues to inspire skilled artisans to breathe new life into this European-acclaimed cologne. This time, Guerlain of France has returned with a brand-new colorful bee-print bottle that follows the iconic bottle design of the water of the emperor. When the classic fragrance is injected into the color bee-print bottle, when the handed down works meet the splendid brilliance and add a modern charm, they have become many stars. A favorite of celebrities.

Asia's First New Concept Boutique: Luxury Space Respect Customization

The first new concept boutique in Asia has moved the design of the French House of Guerlain to China, presenting an integrated space that brings together fragrance and beauty art for Chinese consumers. Stepping into the new boutique, every detail has an extraordinary feeling as if you were in Paris. For the first time, it provides private fragrance customization and consulting services for Chinese customers who love Guerlain, bringing a more refined and elegant luxury experience.

Whether it is the exclusive Yang Yang exclusive bee-print bottle "Blue Friend", or the new "Yang Yang Color" that is about to explode, you can meet in Shanghai Xingye Taikoo Hui, Guerlain's first new concept boutique in Asia. The same color bee-print bottle series of "Blue Friends" has 8 color bottles, 16 combinations to choose from, customized exclusive fragrance, conveying a unique emotional connection and self-expression, so that your own smell memory Xuan color bloom. In addition, customers can experience luxury skin care and jewelry make-up. The new "Yang Yang color" - Guerlain kiss velvet lipstick KK Matte 347 is ready to go, the attractive lip color moisturizes the lips, radiating the sweet touch of the new season.

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