Guiqiu Wang Feng, don't choose a wedding dress for Ziyi

2022-10-17 06:01

Wedding dress guess: Unlike her actress, Zhang Ziyi does not have a brand endorsement, nor does she have a favorite fashion brand. From the selection of her red carpet dresses, it can be seen that the brand span is very large, but the temperament and feeling are still not bad, and they are all goddesses.

Dress brands: Elie Saab, Valentino, Dior, Ralph Lauren, Lanvin, Chanel, Zuhair Murad, Armani Prive, Stephane Rolland...

Dress profile: long dresses and mermaid dresses are mostly

Dress color: dark, black, red

Dress elements: prints, lace, pearls, sequins

1.Elie Saab

At the Cannes Film Festival, Zhang Ziyi appeared on the red carpet in an Elie Saab haute couture dress. Elie Saab should be the brand that Ziyi wears the most. It is in line with its temperament and is a goddess. Elie Saab's delicate lace, sequins, and embroidery completely capture Zhang Ziyi's heart.

Zhang Ziyi appeared on the red carpet of the China Media Awards in a Valentino haute couture evening dress. Valentino gave Zhang Ziyi more fairy spirit! Similarly, Ziyi also favors Valentino at many major film festivals.

3.Chriatian Dior

Chriatian Dior haute couture series of fascinating little flowers are cute and cute, this is Simon’s new modernism, and Chriatian Dior 2015 spring and summer haute couture series are even more popular. Zhang Ziyi can consider it!

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