Hair loss in your 20s? This is my secret weapon in hair care is it

2022-05-09 15:36

Some time ago, a friend and I chatted about the recent troubles. Since I always stayed up late to watch dramas during this time, I have been indulging myself without paying attention to my work and rest. Sure enough, retribution came to me~

Looking at the volume of her hair, she probably thinks she is going to become a Buddha. Of course, it is not as exaggerated as a bald head, but the hair loss is really much more than before. When I combed my hair in the morning, I saw so many hairs falling out, and I felt in my heart. Really panic! !

In order to solve the troubles of my girlfriends, today I will bring you a good article to help you consolidate your hair~ Let's scroll down!

First of all, let's clarify a few questions about hair loss~

"hair loss = bald?"

not necessarily! Because our hair has a growth cycle, it is generally divided into growth phase, catagen phase and rest phase.

These three cycles are a cyclical process, and each hair follicle is also in a different period, so it is possible to lose hair every day, so don’t be too nervous~

"How much hair is lost to be considered hair loss?"

In fact, it is normal for people to lose 100 hairs in a day, but I believe that no one will count how many hairs they lose in a day to judge whether they are hair loss? The witty dog smashed and found the following inspection methods, you can try them.

●Long-term massive hair loss

Needless to say, a lot of hair loss for a day or two may be caused by recent work and rest, irregular diet and other reasons.

●Pull test

Extend the five fingers of the right hand, use the maximum strength to close the five fingers and clamp the hair from the root, pull the hair upward with force, and then check the number of hairs falling from the fingers, if it is within five, it is normal, if it exceeds this amount, Especially when there are more than ten strands, it can basically be judged that it must be hair loss!

●Hospital examination

If it is really unsure, you can go to the dermatology department of a regular hospital for hair follicle detection, the effect is more direct, more obvious, and more reliable.

"How can I save my bald head?"

Now, next is the most important question: how can we effectively solve the problem of hair loss? ! This also needs to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis~

If it is a pathological hair loss problem, such as fungal infection, androgenic problems causing hair loss, you must seek medical attention in time! Treat with scientific means!

The rest of the reasons can be classified as one, usually just pay more attention! Go to bed early, get up early and stay up late, keep a cheerful mood, pay attention to your diet, eat more light and nutritious food, eat less hot pot fried food, and insist on exercising two or three times a week, usually pay attention to personal hygiene, there is basically no problem. !

Of course, I also found a few good aids for everyone to help you get rid of the trouble of hair loss as soon as possible! Come and see what good babies are there!

Is it true that many sisters, like me, are not very familiar with the brand Herbal Essences, in fact, it has always been very famous abroad, and you can always see the love of all kinds of people on ins~

And the attentive fairy will find that it has the certification mark of the Royal Botanic Gardens on its bottle. You must know that the Royal Botanic Gardens is a very authoritative plant research institution, and even it calls Herbal Essences!

Not only that, but the ingredients of this shampoo are also quite good. It contains histidine and rosemary. Histidine can prevent the loss of protein in the hair and reduce damage. Rosemary can improve the growth environment of hair and prevent hair loss.

The two ingredients cooperate with each other to control oil well and soothe the scalp~ Make shampooing also a kind of enjoyment~

There are no top ten additives (silicone oil, pigments, preservatives, gluten, mineral oil, coal tar, talc, plasticizer, formaldehyde, paraffin) in it. Oh, such a natural care product is too heart-pounding. ~~~

I also specially tested its PH value. It can be seen that the PH value of this wash water is only 6, which is very close to the pH value of the human body, which is quite mild~~

Not only the ingredients are reassuring, but the use of this set is also quite pleasant! First of all, the rosemary shampoo has an egg white-like texture, and you can rub it twice to get a dense and even foam~ The smell is also very good, and the fragrance is still there for two or three days after washing.

After washing your hair, apply conditioner. This rosemary conditioner has a white cream texture, which is easy to spread, spread on the ends of the hair, and can be washed off after 5 minutes~~

YANAGIYA hair growth liquid must also be a must-have for every bald teenager. It's cheap and big, no matter whether it works or not, try it first!

Hmm... It's really effective~ It turns out that the bald piece on the forehead has become dense! This is the effect of this girl using up a bottle in half a year, and it is still very obvious! But be sure to keep using it every day! Don't fish for three days, or dry the net for two days, or you can only sigh in front of the mirror!

I have been using Charm Mise-en-scene hair care essential oil since college~ Until now, it is also a "resident guest" on my dresser. And 6 years have passed, and its popularity is still unabated. When it comes to hair care, it is still inseparable from the hair care essential oil of Mei Shangxuan~

It is a perfume-type hair care oil, and the fragrance is carefully formulated by international perfume masters! There is a natural and pleasant floral fragrance, apply it on the ends of the hair, and it will smell fragrant all day long~ A bottle of essential oil costs only a few dozen yuan, and it will not be a problem to use it for three or four months. 's chop!

Also, buy a good comb! If you have nothing to do, comb it and tap the scalp lightly with the comb teeth. This can massage the acupuncture points on the head and prevent hair loss. I comb it every night when I watch a drama, and I feel very relaxed~

So I recommend the air-cushion comb, the contact area is large, the comb teeth are round and smooth, will not scratch the scalp, there is a certain cushioning force when beating, gentle and gentle, it is the best choice for bald teenagers~

Ladies and gentlemen, look here! Want to grow your hair fast? Want to see results in the short term? Then consider a healthy hair comb~

The principle of this hair comb is actually very well understood. It penetrates red light through LLLT low energy, and directly nourishes the hair roots of the scalp, so that the hair follicles can grow healthily~ and the width of the comb teeth is just right, which can be guaranteed when the hair is separated. The energy is fully absorbed by the hair follicles~ The hair that grows in this way will also be healthy and strong!

If you feel that the previous products are slow to take effect, the hairline powder of Mengzhuang is worth having. It can make you pretend to have hair immediately. Its fine powder is easy to take powder. Wherever you flutter, with a little flutter, your hair (looks) will increase, which is really super convenient!

And the durability is not bad, as long as it is not tanned under the sun of 38 degrees, it will basically not fade! It's also very convenient to remove makeup, just wipe it with a makeup remover and you're done! It's no different from removing makeup as usual!

Well, today's self-help guide for bald girls is here~ I hope sisters don't forget to take care of their hair when they usually pay attention to skin care. You must know that hair is directly related to appearance. A smooth and fluffy hair is also a secret weapon to increase charm! I am going to stock up~ Bye, sisters~

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