Haircare tips to say goodbye to fried hay after perming

2022-06-28 11:44

Idols themselves are uncomfortable with stars without tossing their hair, and idols are always tempting us with super-beautiful and eye-catching hair colors and hairstyles, and I wish I could have the same style right now! I have to say that some small changes in the hair can add a lot to the overall look. However, the look after each perm is good-looking, and it is worth taking 100,000 selfies, but after a few days, the hair becomes a lot more difficult to take care of., with dry, fried hair, but also easily broken hair. Hair care has to be put on the agenda quickly, and today I will tell you how to minimize the damage to the hair after perming and dyeing.

0 sec hair mask for overnight rejuvenation of dry grass

Although we often use conditioners, it is the hair mask that can improve the quality of hair at the deepest level! But many girls start to get annoyed when they mention that the hair mask has not been used because the traditional hair mask should not only be worn with a shower cap but also be used with heating. Time is money, friends. Impatient people are going to cry. Now that the 5G era has arrived, and your hair mask can't keep up with the speed, you can go out!

A pale yellow paste like jelly, with a soft and waxy texture, a high-grade fragrance, and very long-lasting. The high concentration of hair-nourishing ingredients and innovative penetration technology allow hairdressing ingredients to reach the hair core while closing the cuticles to lock these ingredients inside the hair. The most powerful thing is that its high penetration force achieves zero waiting. There is no need to use a hair mask with a heated hair cap, which is a must for lazy people and impatient people! After washing, apply a hair mask and rinse it off directly. It can make the hair extremely smooth, and no matter how you comb it, it will not tangle.

Get salon-grade care at home with this kit.

Many people have a misunderstanding: when the quality of the hair deteriorates, they just want to use a hair mask for first aid, but ignore the repairing function of even the most basic washing and care. Shampoo and hair mask are like right and left arms. Both are indispensable. In order to restore supple hair, many little fairies often pay thousands of yuan in care cards at the barbershop. The steps are cumbersome and time-consuming, and the results are often unsatisfactory. In fact, there is no need to be so complicated, as long as you choose the right one. With our products, you can get salon-level care at home!

This series of Sipeiqi's Qi Qinrun Zhenzhi repairing care series has been on the market in Japan for a period of time. As soon as it went on sale, Sakura girls took the initiative to call for it. Now this series has finally come to China. It is a silicone oil-free shampoo. It has a high-grade flower and fruit fragrance and uses the same "innovative penetration technology" as the 0-second hair mask, so that the hairdressing ingredients can quickly penetrate into the hair core, and it can accurately detect the damaged part and control the hairdressing according to the degree of damage. The amount of ingredients injected and absorbed; this one seems to be tailor-made for you. It is your hair salon therapist, and you can easily get salon-level care at home! The hair after washing is like drinking a full glass of water in an instant. It is soft, fluffy and has its own luster. It's entirely the dish of damaged hair!

With these hair care artifacts, damaged hair can also be saved after perming and dyeing. I believe you will be able to restore shiny, smooth, healthy hair. Let's continue to make it in the summer.

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