Half-tied hair like this is not beautiful anymore

2022-10-31 06:01

The ponytail is not distinctive, the shawl hair is too mediocre, and the half-tie hair is the first choice for girls to dress up. How can I make a nice half-tie hair? Follow the editor of Mao Geping Makeup School to learn the following half-tie hairstyle, which will make you so beautiful that you have no friends!

Step 1: Comb the upper layer of hair a little, divide it into three strands, braid three strands downwards. After braiding the two hair knots, fix them with rubber bands.

Step 2: Take out a bunch of hair on the left and right sides and merge them on top of the three braids.

Step 3: Flip the top braid up a circle, so that the texture on both sides of the hair appears.

Step 4: Take out a bunch of hair on the left and right sides, braid two braids, and merge the two braids in the middle.

Step 5: Pull all the braids and put on chic hair accessories.

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