hello september cleansing gift box full set of facial care beckons to you

2022-07-27 12:06

GLOSSYBOX Hello September cleansing gift box, the first greeting to the skin in autumn You experience the journey of facial enjoyment from cleansing, rejuvenating and brightening skin.

The main recommended brands in this issue are from France [Yves Rocher], which is a highly cost-effective makeup remover and nutritional cleanser; in addition, the perfect combination of the American brand [Borges] eye ​​cream and sleep eye mask repair cream can be more effective Helps you to eliminate dark circles and bags under the eyes, so that your eyes can be repaired 24 hours a day; [Name of Nature] Black Gold Mask can deeply purify pores and dirt, and repair skin dehydration and dullness caused by sunlight and environmental pollution. , rough and other skin problems. Another free cotton women's private care trial Oh ~

[Borges] Vitality Brightening Sleeping Eye Cream Full Size: 15ml * 1

High penetrating water gel eye cream, "marine lifting factor" combined with sunflower oil and vitamin E, in the moment of tightening the eye contour, smooth fine lines and soften the eye skin, lasting for more than 6 hours, more effective Reduce the damage of UV rays to the skin, and the skin instantly becomes smooth and wrinkle-free.

Ash tree bark has traditional Chinese medicine eye effects, strengthens the microvascular wall and has anti-oxidant ability. The "bright eye factor" composed of organic silicon and vitamin B3 can strengthen the structural elasticity of the blood vessels around the eyes and help the circulation return to normal.

[Borges] Vitality Brightening Sleeping Eye Mask Repair Cream Trial Size: 15ml * 1

The extraordinary clear and moist texture allows the eyes to receive intensive charging care in a sweet dream. The "Water Sensation Network Complex" injects the source of water into each cell, maintaining the skin's ideal moisturizing and moisturizing level for a long time. Pesticide-free, pollution-free organic coconut oil replenishes the lipids that the skin lacks; shea butter promotes the regeneration of epidermal cells and maintains the skin's natural elasticity. Eyes are fully hydrated overnight for a radiant glow.

[Yves Rocher] Cleansing Nutrient Cleansing Water Trial Size: 50ml * 1

The ultra-light texture acts like a magnet, absorbing makeup and everyday environmental pollutants from the skin with ease. Also suitable for eye and lip skin. Suitable for all skin types. With triple cleansing action, a 100% cleansing and toning treatment in one step. At the same time, it activates the skin, makes the skin breathe freely and freely, and can improve the skin's defense ability during the day.

[Yves Rocher] Clear Moisturizing Makeup Remover Trial Size: 50ml * 1

The refreshing and watery texture can remove daily make-up, cleanse the skin while moisturizing and conditioning, and bring moisture and luster to the skin. Free of parabens, pigments, mineral oil, silicon. A magnet that absorbs everyday makeup on the face while moisturizing and conditioning, the gentle formula is also suitable for the eye area.

[Nature's Name] Camellia Water Brightening Black Gold Mask Trial Size: 1 piece

Effectively improve dry skin, lasting moisturizing and moisturizing, the skin is elastic, tender and Q-soft, with a moisturizing texture, moisturizing into the skin during application, the skin is watery and shiny, the absorption is very good, refreshing and comfortable, easy to absorb, refreshing and non-greasy.

[Gift] Yueshang Sanitary Pad Trial Pack: Night + Daily + Pads

Selected natural plants, freshly squeezed mild and pure essence, injects full energy into the skin, replenishes moisture and nutrition, and softens dry and fine lines. At the same time, the product can lock in water for a long time, leaving the skin hydrated and soft. Effectively improve for dry and sensitive skin.

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