Here's the Ultimate Guide to Eye Creams

2023-01-30 06:01

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As the saying goes, staying up late is refreshing, staying up late is always refreshing. After staying up late a few days ago, the dumplings couldn't stop these days. They always had to swipe their phone until after 1 o'clock to get sleepy. The next day at work, I was always sleepy, and the dark circles and fine lines around my eyes were just around the corner. Fortunately, I have been using eye cream, and these problems did not flare up.

However, many people are confused about such questions as "whether to use eye cream" and "how to use eye cream", which leads to a wait-and-see attitude towards eye cream. Hey, don't worry, don't worry, the beautiful and kind-hearted dumplings are here to share with you my eye care tips.

Some people think that every time you apply face cream, you have already wiped the eye area by the way, and using eye cream again is superfluous. In fact, this kind of thinking is wrong!

The skin around our eyes is very special. It is the thinnest part of the face and the part that is most prone to drying. Some facial products are not suitable for the eye area due to their own texture or ingredients. Therefore, eye products cannot be completely compatible with the eye area. If the face is mixed together, the eye area should still use special skin care products for the eye area.

Many people think that eye cream is for older mature women, I am only 20 years old, and I don't need to use eye cream.

In fact, whether or not to use a product is determined by your needs or problems, not by age.

For example, if the eye area is relatively dry, you can choose a basic moisturizing type; if you usually stay up late and have heavy dark circles, you can choose to lighten the dark circles; if you have mature skin, and have more fine lines around the eyes, you can choose an anti-wrinkle eye cream.

Many people question that eye cream is actually useless, and there is no effect after using it. In fact, it may be that the method of use is not correct. Only correct skin care methods can make eye cream play its real effect.

After cleansing, take a mung bean-sized amount of eye cream with your ring finger, and rub the pulps of the two ring fingers together to warm the eye cream.

Then gently massage in the order of outer corner, lower eyelid, inner corner, and upper eyelid until absorbed.

Okay~ After learning so much, let’s learn and use it~ Let’s pick a suitable eye cream~

Curel's face cream is believed to have been used by many rich sisters. The moisturizing effect is very good, and the price is very cheap. Its eye cream is actually the same as face cream, and the price is very high~

It has a mild gel-like texture and spreads well. After gently smearing on the eye area, it is quickly absorbed, and the eye area is instantly hydrated and not greasy. In addition to being used on the eyes, it can also be used around the corners of the mouth that are dry and flaky~

The ceramide, glycerin, allantoin and other ingredients contained in the ingredients are all good at moisturizing and moisturizing. They can nourish deep into the stratum corneum and help moisturize and refine the skin~ No irritating ingredients such as alcohol and fragrance are added, so Rich sisters with sensitive skin can also use it with confidence~

Since last year, there has been a wave of avocados in all walks of life, avocado bags, avocado milk tea, avocado plush dolls... The beauty industry is no exception, and it represents this avocado eye cream from Kiehl's.

The green color of avocado makes people think of the cute and lovely appearance of avocado~ The texture of the cream is very easy to spread after the eye is applied, and it can quickly form a film to lock the added moisture, and you will not feel it all day long. dry~

The core ingredient of the avocado eye cream is naturally the avocado ingredient known as "forest cream", which not only moisturizes the skin around the eyes, but also helps the ingredients in the eye cream to be better absorbed. Rich in vitamin E, it can also resist the formation of lines around the eyes and effectively relieve the fine lines around the eyes~

But some sisters said that this is too dry and not easy to absorb, which may be due to insufficient emulsification in front of the upper eye. When the rich sisters use it, they must first rub gently between the fingertips until it is emulsified into a translucent moisturizing state and then put on the eyes, so that the skin around the eyes can be better absorbed~

Since using Cosme's Plant Rhythm series lotion, I have become a diehard fan of Cosme's family. This eye cream makes me love it a little more~

The taste is the usual light and high-end fragrance of Cosme's family~ The texture of white gel comes with a massage stick (I love this little gift), when you use it, you only need to use the massage stick to take a bean size. Then massage it around the eyes, it is very refreshing, but at the same time, it feels moisturizing. There is no need to worry about thickening and long fat particles, so it is very suitable for dry and oily skin.

The polyglutamic acid in the ingredients has a very good moisturizing effect. It is combined with Cosme's unique multi-layer liposome technology, which penetrates into the stratum corneum of the skin, allowing the moisturizing ingredients to melt and release from the outside, thereby maintaining the eye. Weekly moisturizing all day~ It is said that this technology has reached a new high point in the moisturizing session~

Yuemuzhiyuan has been a popular brand in the beauty and skin care industry recently. In addition to the recent fire of the spokesperson Wang Yibo, the ease of use of its own products is also a lot of fans. For example, this caffeine eye cream is one of their cost-effective eye creams.

The translucent, moisturizing texture similar to gel has a cool feeling just after applying it to the eyes, which seems to be a bit of a "side effect" that can refresh the mind. It is quickly absorbed after massaging, the eye area is moist and refreshing, there is no greasy heavy feeling at all, very comfortable~

The main ingredients of coffee beans and ginseng extract can effectively help reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

Legend has it that no matter how long you stayed up for the drama the night before and how many tears you shed, as long as you wipe it before going to bed and get up the next day, your eyes will be as if nothing happened the night before, no dark circles, no puffiness . Although the feeling after using the dumplings is not so exaggerated, it is true that dark circles and puffiness are much better than not using it~

Filorga is a cosmeceutical brand in France. Although it is not very popular in China, this eye cream is an Internet celebrity recommended by many people~

Lightweight cream texture, it also feels cool after application, not greasy or greasy, gently massage 3~5 times and it is completely absorbed, after use, the eye area is hydrated and moist~

The essence extracted from hesperidin and NCTF complex can reduce pigmented dark circles, and the active ingredient of dipeptide can effectively reduce eye swelling. After using it for about 5 weeks, you can find that the dark circles and puffiness are obviously improved~ Really, it is indeed the leader in reducing swelling and removing dark circles~

The name of Estee Lauder's small brown bottle eye cream should be known to everyone among the student parties who are addicted to swiping their mobile phones and the work parties who have to face the computer every day~

The same refreshing cream texture (it seems that eye creams that can reduce swelling and dark circles are the same texture), it is very moisturizing after wiping it evenly around the eyes, it will not be greasy, but it will not feel dry all day~ It feels great to keep the water hydrated all the time.

This eye cream customized for "staying up late and swiping the screen" uses Estee Lauder's own patented formula, which can effectively resist and neutralize the dark circles caused by blue light in our eye skin. It can be clearly seen after more than two weeks of use. Dark circles are fading~ A proper savior for staying up late girls!

When this was first released in 2018, it was pushed to the position of net red eye cream that fades dark circles under the eyes. I immediately started the dumpling~

The milky white gel texture looks a little sparkling if you look closely. The upper eye is also very refreshing and soft. It is absorbed immediately after a little massage. glowing feeling~

The ingredients contain the unique triple enzyme essence of the small black bottle, which is very effective in eliminating puffiness and lightening dark circles. Indeed, these two effects are the most obvious to me. My swollen eye blisters can clearly see a lot of swollen eyes. In terms of dark circles, although I am not heavy, but there is a feeling of lightening~

The name of L'Oreal Purple Iron Eye Cream, every girl who loves skin care should have heard of it. It is very cost-effective, and it is also the first choice for many girls' anti-wrinkle eye cream~

The light and thin cream texture has good ductility. It is very moisturizing after the eye is applied, but it is not greasy to feel heavy. After a few massages, it is quickly absorbed, and the entire eye area feels very delicate and smooth~

The main ingredient, Boseine, can effectively promote the synthesis of collagen, thereby diluting the fine lines around the eyes and making the eyes delicate and firm ~ not only can be used on the eyes, but also on the nasolabial and forehead lines of the face. A certain improvement effect~ Really cost-effective, it is the first choice of eye cream for anti-aging girls~

As the second eye cream that is officially recognized by Japan to "improve wrinkles", this is also a net red product among anti-wrinkle eye creams~

A light fragrance of a natural plant that smells very pleasant. The texture of the moisturizing lotion is very moisturizing after the eyes are applied. It will feel a little greasy at first, but after a few massages, it will be completely absorbed, and the eye area will feel super soft and delicate~

The main ingredient, retinol, is a good player in diluting fine lines. It can promote the production of hyaluronic acid in the epidermis of the skin, soften the skin, and effectively dilute the wrinkles of the skin.

But retinol is more sensitive to sunlight. Rich sisters must remember to apply a layer of sunscreen when using it during the day, otherwise it may cause sunburn to the skin~ Pregnant women use excessive retinol, which is not good for the baby. Although the content in skin care products is very small, the dumpling still recommends that expectant mothers try not to use products containing retinol~

The famous "little iron", a super net red eye cream that every girl with fine lines wants to have but is always out of stock~

The texture of the cream is very moisturizing on the upper eye. It is a perfect feeling of oily but not greasy, moisturizing but not heavy. It is very easy to spread and absorbs well. It is completely absorbed after massage for about 3 circles~

The main ingredient is also retinol, which has a very good anti-wrinkle effect, but the concentration is higher than that of Yiliser Eye Cream, so the effect of smoothing fine lines is also better. The ingredients also contain whitening essence 4MSK, which can inhibit the production of melanin, so it also has a certain improvement on pigmented dark circles. It is really a very versatile player~

With so many recommended eye creams with different effects, I wonder if you have picked the one you want?

But no matter how good skin care products you use, you can't keep up with a healthy and regular schedule~ From today, the rich sisters, come and join the dumplings to be a good baby who goes to bed early and gets up early and live a healthy life~

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