"Hollywood Magic Tape" Dr Sebagh Skin Lifting and Firming Essence Lane Crawford's National Exclusive Premiere

2022-10-31 06:01

Dr Sebagh Lifting Firming Essence 30ml

RMB 1,550_ from LaneCrawford

Get to know Dr Sebagh

Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh, who is famous all over Europe, has always been the most professional and authoritative 'magic hand' after the invisible aristocratic royal family and celebrity superstars. In 2004, Dr Sebagh combined the concept of 'Effect effect' and 'Efficiency efficiency' micro-plastic treatment into daily skin care products to create a full range of Dr Sebagh skin care products, and selected medically proven, efficient and safe high-tech ingredients , and then reconciled in the most precise proportions to bring the most ideal micro-plastic skin care effect for various skin types, and thus set off an unprecedented 'Sebagh Effect', allowing countless busy, high-quality people who value the effect to become a brand series of products loyal fans.

Dr Sebagh Lifting Firming Essence

This groundbreaking serum combines S-peptide complex extract, hyaluronic acid, narcissus bulb and Dianthus serrata extract with more than 10 active ingredients in a unique anti-aging formula that has won numerous international awards. The texture of the essence is silky and smooth, which can instantly penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin, immediately tighten the loose skin, and make the facial contour quickly show a V-line; while restoring elasticity and firmness, it also exerts a powerful anti-aging skin care effect. Its highly concentrated lifting formula quickly repairs and restructures damaged skin, gradually reducing fine lines and wrinkles, instantly revealing brightened skin from the inside out, and quickly regaining a luminous texture. There is no doubt that DrSebagh Lifting Firming Essence will become a must-have anti-aging product for all women.

This time, Lane Crawford will exclusively launch the Dr Sebagh Skin Lifting and Firming Essence for two months from July 11. Consumers can first experience the magical effect of the product and present the most perfect skin condition.

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