Hot-selling cleansing products to sweep the oil big PK, put aside the greasy and refreshing summer

2023-01-23 06:01

In the hot summer, bombardment with high temperature, shine and sweat all hit, it is really annoying and embarrassing. Have you tried various products to solve these skin problems , but you always fail to find out? Want to remove excess oil, drive away facial shine, improve the skin's water-oil balance, and increase skin hydration. Can so many requirements be solved in one step? Take a look at these 9 cleansing products recommended by the editor!

Hengping products:

1. Fresh soybean essence remover cleansing gel ¥340 / 150ml

2. The name of your favorite catechin oil-control amino acid cleansing lotion ¥249 / 120ml

3. Pond's Clear Whitening Series Clear Whitening Cleanser¥20 / 100g

4. Koyan's high moisturizing and refreshing facial cleanser ¥180 / 150ml

5. Borghese mineral nutrition cleansing cream ¥340 / 200ml

6. Elizabeth Arden Water Refreshing Cleanser ¥200 / 125ml

7. Yuemuzhiyuan Balanced Foaming Cleansing Cream 2013 Earth Month Limited Edition ¥220 / 150ml

8. Neutrogena Deep Purifying Cleanser ¥24 / 100g

9. Pro-X Pure Formula Cleansing Foam ¥200 / 150ml

Evaluation items:

1. Appearance and texture-describe the texture and color of the product through photo shooting and editing experience.

2. Foam compactness-squeeze an equal amount of cleansing milk on your hands, add a small amount of water, and then rub evenly for 10 times, then drop the foam on the spoon and observe the foam condition.

3. Mildness-Use a clean toothpick to pick a small amount of cleanser and apply it on the precision pH test paper, and compare it after half a minute of color development.

4. Cleansing power-apply mascara on the skin, cover the cleanser on it and keep it for 3 minutes, then wipe it back and forth 10 times with your fingers. Finally, wipe and clean with a cotton pad.

5. Oil control ability-use 9 products to clean the nose, and do not apply anything in the same air-conditioned room. After 1 hour, absorb the oil in the nose with an oil-absorbent tissue , and then compare the residual oil on the oil- absorbent tissue .

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