How can I get hold of a hair dummy stand low price

2023-01-30 21:23

Hair dummy stand low price is what many people search for when they understand that their budget is too tight to afford a new mannequin stand. While not among the cheapest manikin accessories, a stand is of utmost importance in making the doll functional. That's why, if money is scarce, you have to look for other ways of getting hold of a mannequin head holder. This article talks about some of them.


1. Second-hand stores

Second-hand stores are the perfect place to get quality products at a low price. They trade pre-owned items, yet it doesn't mean that the stuff on sale is poor quality. Each product goes through a refurbishing stage before reaching the store's shelves. So you may rest assured that the hair dummy stand low price you buy in a second-hand shop will be fully functionable.


2. Garage sales

Garage sales are kind of neighborhood stores where people gather at someone's garage to sell their items they don't need anymore. You can find there both never-used-before new dummy stands and previously used ones in a pretty decent condition. The nice thing about neighborhood sales is that sellers don't have to pay commercial taxes, hence, the price for the items may reach record lows.


3. Beauty salon dumpsters

Due to pandemic many beauty salons and shopping malls closed. There is high chance that a part of the beauty equipment has been disposed of into nearby dumpsters. While it may seem an unethical and unsanitary option, the result of taking a peek into a dumpster may be some bucks saved on buying a new mannequin stand. You may be pleasingly surprised to find a dozen of perfectly functionable assets, like mannequins, wigs and holders in the dumpster, which can turn from a trash container into a treasure chest. So if you are courageous enough, you can try your luck with this method.


4. Online stores discounts

Unlike physical stores, online retailers are much more predisposed to offering all kind of promotions and discounts to customers. And they happen quiet often. If you are short of money to buy your favorite mannequin stand, you can take your time and wait until it will get a price reduction. Also, you can navigate other online stores and spot low price doll stands. Given huge online competition, retailers always try to offer a more attractive price list than their rivals'.


5. Handmade stand

Another way to save money on a manneuqin stand is to make it by yourself. First option is a stand made of a plastic vase, a wood stick, hot glue and marbles. You glue the stick to the bottom of the vase. Then, fill up the vase with heavy marbles to ensure the stand is tightly secured and can withstand the weight of the dummy head and all kinds of abuse, like pushing, pulling and kicking. The combined price of all supplies is much lower than the price of a brand-new tripod holder or a clamp.


Another handmade solution is to make a stand out of plumbing pipes. The supplies include: a long pipe (1.5 m), short pipes (20-30 cm), T joints and L joints. Use the short pipes and the joints to create the foundation. Keep in mind that the larger the foundation, the less chance for the manikin stand to lose balance and fall. Once the base is ready, attach the long pipe and add the mannequin head onto its tip. Since the pipe has not been made specially for a manikin, their size may not coincide, so you will have to make some adjustments, by either melting and shrinking the pipe in size or wrapping it with electrical tape to make it bigger.


Bottom line

A mannequin stand is a costly accessory, yet without it you can't use a doll properly. In case the budget is short, you can get hold of a hair dummy stand low price in some ways. You can find cheap doll holders in second hand stores, garage sales and even online stores where some hot discounts are waiting for you. Dumpsters near beauty salons may be a treasure chest hiding assets like mannequins and stands. You are also good to make a stand yourself, using inexpensive supplies like plumbing pipes, plastic vase, hot glue, wood stick and stones.

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