How do elite agents highlight their good taste? In addition to dressing, the most inseparable is it

2022-12-05 06:01

Original title: How do elite agents highlight their good taste? Apart from dressing, the most inseparable thing is it...

Author: Business Fan

Recently, "007" has continued to hit theaters. In addition to Bond's Tom Ford suit, handsome sunglasses and other iconic elements, it is impressive. In fact, "drinking" is also one of Bond's symbols.

In particular, his unique martini drinking method has appeared in almost every "007" movie, and it has even become a kind of culture, very deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

For the agents in the film and television works, love and knowledge of wine seems to be a standard feature. Being an agent who can't drink alcohol, his charm must be discounted a bit.

Today, the main fan is talking to everyone about how the elite agents show their charm through drinking.

Love wine: have your favorite taste

Drinking is the hallmark of agents. Whether it's relaxing, performing tasks, or even showing masculinity in front of their favorite woman, they always drink a glass of wine, and it must be their own glass of preference.

Like Bond in the "007" series, he loves the "Shaken, not stirred" martini the most.

According to statistics, Bond drank as many as 30 martinis in the "007" series, as early as 1964 in Sean Connery's "007 Goldfinger".

In fact, this is a non-mainstream drinking method. It was made up by Ian Fleming, the author of the "007" series of novels, to highlight Bond’s tasteful life. He himself is a person who has a dedication and love for wine. .

As a result, I did not expect that this way of drinking was accidentally brought on by Bond, and became one of the buzzwords of the "007" series and one of Bond's most popular memory points. The short three words demonstrate Bond's unique taste and charm.

Almost every department, have emerged in this unique little design, look up and always handsome and dashing.

In "007: Casino Royale", Bond directly named his favorite wine after his beloved woman Vesper, because " Once you drink it , you will only want to drink it ", which is unexpected and reasonable~

In another well-known special agent movie "Ace Agent", the agent Harry Hart played by "Uncle Face" Colin Firth also has his favorite wine.

Compared to Bond's favorite martini cocktail, he prefers the authentic martini-Tanqueray London Dry Gin, which is a classic martini recipe.

What's interesting is that in "Ace Agent", the method was specially emphasized: pure gin, no vodka, stir for ten minutes, and use it to tease Bond's Vesper Martini.

Harry Hart often drinks the Hennessy Paradis Hennessy Cup Motin daily, and is a big fan of brandy (cognac). This kind of wine needs to be aged for bottling. It can be seen that his taste and strength in drinking are quite high, and it is also in line with his identity.

Although different people have different opinions about drinking, everyone's preferences are different, but drinking your own unique taste is easier to deepen the impression of others of you, and look at the charm from the wine.

Know the wine: a pass to enter and exit the upper-class places

In addition to love of wine, knowledge of wine is also one of the characteristics of elite agents showing their charm.

In the "007" series of movies, Bond has to go to various places to perform various tasks, so he has a wide range of wines. When to drink which kind of wine is always so appropriate, even the wine he has drunk will always become popular now.

For example, the Don Perignon Champagne King in "Goldfinger", the Golden Bell Chateau in "Battle Royal Casino", and the Bollinger in "The Ghost Party". RD. And so on . Knowing about wine also adds a lot to his elite status.

Of course, in addition to foreign 007 agents, Chinese 007 agents also have their own unique drinking taste.

In the popular domestic spy war drama "The Forerunner" recently pursued by Fan, the "secret agent" Ma Tianmu played by Zhang Luyi's favorite is wine.

"The Forerunner" tells the story of the wonderful relationship between Ma Tianmu (Zhang Luyi), an underground party member of the "Chinese Agent", and Tang Xianping (Nie Yuan), a classmate who participated in the "Fuxing Society" of the spy organization. The story of the contest.

"Secret agent" Ma Tianmu needs to use the identity of the manager of the French Concession as a cover to walk among all kinds of bureaucratic gentry and police gangs. Obtaining intelligence from the upper class is an important part of his task, so he is proficient in the upper class. "Social weapon" is a survival skill he must master.

In the 1930s, China was in a period of western learning spreading to the east. Influenced by Western culture, wine became one of the most popular high-end social drinks in Shanghai at that time. The horse is through the celestial eye "drinking" social, knocked on the large flow of society door. In many scenes in the play, there are sections of wine drinking.

For example, Ma Tianmu Matheson with the boss than when El successful signing, drinking wine is ↓

When giving social gifts whenever necessary, wine is also used to express one's heart.

Even after the spy’s mission was successful, they held a celebration banquet, and everyone used a large bowl to dry it, which was also wine.

And Fan found that the wine the agents drank also had a great background, and it was the classic Changyu Jiebaina in the 1930s .

In the sixth episode, when Tang Xianping invited Ma Tianmu to eat raw fried buns, there were two bottles of Changyu Jiebaina dry red on the table. Ma Tianmu said with emotion: "When our brothers were in the Northern Expedition, we made a special appointment. After winning the battle, come here for a celebration banquet, drink good red wine, and eat the best pan-fried food."

Changyu Cabernet as the home of Yu household names of Chinese wine brand, appears in the play is also not illegal and, after all, it is early in the 1930s on the creation, just consistent with the background of the play. At that time, Changyu Jiebaina’s main target consumer group in Shanghai was the upper-class people working and living in Shanghai. These upper-class people pursued a high-end lifestyle, so they often drank wine.

In the context of the time, Chinese “agents” wanted to obtain important information by pursuing a high-end lifestyle. Knowing wine, especially wine, was undoubtedly the most appropriate way to hide their true identity and socialize well. Attributes.

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