How much do young people love second-hand luxury goods this year?

2022-09-26 06:02

Article source: DT Finance

Original title: The second-hand LV bag renamed "Middle Ages", how many dozen workers were harvested

Many young people believe

I will grow old

But luxury goods mostly hold their value

Once, a young man who wanted to enter a luxury store with confidence would probably memorize a copy of "A Guide to the Taboos of Visiting Luxury Stores" in advance; but now, she is still naked to every customer who enters the store. 3D full-body scan-I'm sorry, this young man has already transitioned.

According to a second-hand luxury goods e-commerce company in my country, nearly 70% of users of this platform are born in the 90s and 00s. Rather than picking up goods in luxury stores, young people would rather go to Zhonggu stores or second-hand platforms to mention the first LV in their lives.

After all, it is also a big luxury brand, but the price is only one-half of the original price or even lower. You don’t need to max out your credit card, and you don’t have to endure the two-point cool and three-point ridicule of the high freezer sister. The poor monk immediately returned to the vulgar"?

As a result, a middle-aged vintage style of "a thousand yuan to buy a big name" was blown up like this.


Young people

How much do you love second-hand luxury goods?

When the trendy girls around you all have LV, Gucci and Chanel, don't rush to tears Prada Prada Dior. After all, the LV freedom that can be achieved in the twenties now is mostly second-hand.

According to the "Research Report on the Development of China's Second-hand Luxury Goods Market 2020" (hereinafter referred to as the ), the proportion of young people buying second-hand luxury goods is not small. Except for the post-90s who have a small deposit, the post-95s and post-00s have also entered the market one after another. , Buy second-hand.

Of course, the term second-hand is too straightforward and too cheap. If you want to harvest a wave of envy and praise on social apps, young people usually say medieval, vintage or vintage. Even if others don’t understand the doorway, they can tell from these words that they seem to have something. If there is no niche, unique, retro, and trendy atmosphere.

As the so-called "fashion is a circle", young and fashionable wild KOLs have long understood: instead of exhaustingly following the latest fashion bloggers of the season, instead of following a classic and retro sense of age, after all, the fashion circle, sooner or later Will be transferred back.

As a result, this group of young people who secretly saw through the ultimate mystery of the fashion circle began to linger on second-hand luxury goods. According to the report, more than half of young people buy second-hand luxury goods 1-3 times a year, and many buy more than 4 times.

Even if they have to eat soil for three months after buying this bag, they are not afraid of anything-as long as they carry an out-of-print vintage vintage bag, they can quickly change from no money to old money-money can be nothing , But the temperament must be determined.


Second-hand luxury goods

Which is the most popular big name?

Judging from the report, the most useful way to heal the hearts of contemporary young people is to "cure all diseases." In my country's second-hand luxury goods transactions, luggage and leather goods accounted for the largest transaction share, reaching 60.2%.

For many exquisite girls, the various styles of bags in the Zhonggu store are like a brand-name clearance sale. I used to be cautious in luxury stores, but now I just want to ask Heaven and Earth why every bag seems to have their name written on it.

As for the trendy guys, most of them follow the law of "playing poorly with cars, playing richly with watches". On the one hand, they abandon their girlfriends with too many bags, while secretly watching the timing, quickly and ruthlessly buy a coveted Rolex Green Water Ghost. Or black water ghost.

As the first luxury item in life, young people will be cautious when choosing a brand. It is best not only to be cost-effective, but also to make everyone can’t help but exclaim: "Ah! This is not a big xxx brand. Is it? It must not be cheap, right?"

Count the luxury brands you know, who can meet these two conditions at the same time, who is LV?

Since LV invented the monogram more than a hundred years ago, from Audrey Hepburn to the French royal family, LV has become a fashionable symbol of almost every upper class. Now whether it is a fashion/wearing blogger or a small town hot girl in the third and fourth line, if there is no LV bag, I am embarrassed to come out and mix.

What's more, I don't know since when, LV Neverfull has become a must-have "grocery bag" when going to the vegetable market. There is not even a sense of disobedience on the back of all the aunts. It is worthy of "L· Grounding·V".

Gucci and Chanel, which ranked second and third respectively, became popular in various circles in 2019 with the Bacchus bag and the stray bag, but the price is slightly more expensive, so the transaction volume and quantity are lower than LV.

It is worth mentioning that Hermes, the top of the luxury contempt chain from "Thirty Only", even if it is a second-hand platinum bag, the price is still as high as 6 digits. This is for most of the poorest workers and those who want to squeeze into the circle of celebrities. For people, it is still "you can only watch from a distance, not play with it", so the turnover and the number of transactions are far lower than the first three.

Some people say, "When you get older, you will suddenly recognize many things that used to be tacky, such as LV's presbyopia, mink, diamond, gold, longevity and stability in the world." The report shows that in the most popular Top10 second-hand luxury goods, classic representative models account for half of the seats, and among the popular models, there is no lack of re-engraved classic items.

Representatives of various presbyopia series, in addition to the famous Dior presbyopia saddle bag on the list, there are also LV presbyopia, Gucci presbyopia, Fendi presbyopia...the presbyopia designed decades ago are still present today. It's a hot style. Who would have thought that when the marketing directors of major brands are still re-arranging for traffic, the designer can easily obtain the wealth code of contemporary luxury goods by pressing Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V.


Which big brands are most likely to buy fakes?

Although young people in this class are willing to spend money, money can't solve all the problems. When buying second-hand luxury goods, young people are most worried about buying fakes.

In the past, most of the fakes were of poor workmanship, and basically you can tell the truth at a glance; but now there are more and more high imitations or ultra-high imitations, accounting for about 30%. If you are a little white who is just entering the luxury circle , Or young people who don’t know much about the details of the luxury production process, can hardly escape the fate of being taken advantage of.

This is why in the appraisal demand for luxury bags, the proportion of second-hand appraisal is as high as 70%, and the demand for appraisal of second-hand bags is getting higher and higher, which is 2.3 times that in 2018 in 2019.

According to data from a luxury goods trading appraisal platform in 2019, Michael Kors (MK for short) ranks first on the list of big brands that are most likely to buy fakes. This light luxury brand that was once endorsed by Yang Mi and became popular, owning it is like having an entry ticket to the luxury circle, but because it is not expensive and the styles are mostly popular, it is difficult to imitate. There are endless fakes.

Coach, who is also a handle in the light luxury industry, followed MK in the non-genuine rate and won the second place.

Celine, which ranks tenth, is known as "the king of out-of-stock counters." However, if it is a small hot item, it cannot be bought at all. As a result, whether it is waiting for new product orders or second-hand shipments, it will make people wait and feel painful. For a while, I couldn't tell whether to say Celine was hungry marketing or to scold the counterfeiters for taking advantage of it.

In addition, buying second-hand luxury goods online is not as easy as imagined. According to statistics, more than half of the trading channels of all the fakes that have been identified are from social platforms, followed by second-hand trading platforms and offline physical stores.

These sad stories of buying fakes often happen in a flash: in the last second, I was still complacent about grabbing Italian products at a low price, and in the next second I was slapped in the face by the cold appraisal results, "Ah, it turns out. The clown is actually myself".

This is a cruel and unavoidable fact: no matter how much young people pay attention to, they are often not more than sellers.

If you want to take a 360-degree video with no dead ends, he will prepare a genuine film for you to see in advance; if you want to see the details under different lights, he will take a refurbished bag to tell you "open your eyes and tell you nonsense"; you want To judge the color by looking at the original picture of the live photo, he used the excuse that the network was a bit slow, and then pretended to be dead while editing the picture in P picture software in seconds.

Even worse, before the second-hand luxury goods supervision system is fully established, there is generally no after-sale service for returns. Once you click to place an order and confirm the payment, the overall situation is basically set. When you receive the goods after a few days and find that something is wrong, it will be too late.

"The videos and photos are all sent to you. Judgments such as color and flaws are subjective. At the beginning, you thought it was OK. The description also stated that it is not supported for 7 days without reason. How do I know that you are now? Didn't you use a fake to fool me?" Listening to this standard verbal technique of flipping the pot + hitting a target, he looks like a scumbag when he puts on his pants and doesn't recognize people.

There is usually only one ending when encountering a scumbag, which is to admit that he is unlucky.

Many young people believe that they will age, but most of the luxury goods keep their value. Even if it is second-hand and resold, it will not lose too much. If you encounter a limited number of orphans, it is likely to rise instead of falling.

However, as more and more second-hand luxury goods sellers and platforms open live broadcasts on different platforms, the Middle Ages circle is getting more and more popular, and the water in it is getting deeper and deeper.

Everyone has different opinions on the value of "Eating instant noodles while carrying a bag that was bought thousands of dollars"; but Guo Jingming's "Little Times" has been published for 10 years, and there are countless ugly things about luxury goods. Even if you don't have a bright logo for you, you can say boldly: "I am very noble. I am not worthy of luxury goods."

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