The most effective way to maintain curly hair

2023-01-20 19:38

1. For curly hair, a wide-toothed comb is far better than a fine-toothed comb. It can prevent hair loss and protect the curls better.

2. Try using your old cotton T-shirt when wiping your hair. The towel is good, but it has too strong water absorption capacity, which can easily make your hair frizzy.

3. When the hair is half dry, put a ball on the top of the head, which can lock the moisture well, prevent frizzy hair, and better protect your duang duang curly hair.

4. Coconut oil is the killer of dry hair! Usually applied to the roots of the hair can make the hair brighter and stronger.

5. Let the curly hair that has lost its elasticity come back up again, as long as the hair stabilizing product is applied and a little nutrient oil is applied to the curly hair, it will bounce up again.

6. If you naturally want to style your curly hair, just mix half of the water and half of the leave-in conditioner, spray it on the tips , and then follow the normal way to style, you can get a stylish and fast look curls.

7. You can put some moisturizing water or elastin on your hair when you get up in the morning.

8. Before bathing, apply a thick layer of conditioner in the shower cap. After a normal bath, you will find that your hair is almost like a spa.

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