How to curl big curls with a curling iron: easy to create charming curls

2022-07-26 15:25

When we were young, we secretly braided our hair into braids, and then we awoke in the morning and then took them apart, just to imitate the curly hair of adults. In fact, this method is still applicable now, as long as you can use the electric hairdressing tools you have at hand, you can create different wave curls . No complicated skills are needed. Try it today!

Classic big volume

For large, fluffy and dynamic curls , curling irons are the most popular. In fact, you can use this tool to create smooth waves, just like the stars on the red carpet . You can choose a curling iron like the model in the picture. The diameter varies from thick to thin, and you can easily create variable curls without having to buy two curling irons.

Pick out a strand of hair and wrap it around the curling iron. The root of the hair is close to the thicker end of the curling iron, and the tip of the hair is close to the thinner end of the curling iron. If you don't have this kind of curling iron, a traditional curling iron with a clip will work well.

Look, the hair curls curled in this way are elegant and classic, and they are the favorites of the stars on the red carpet.

Wake up

If you have 5 minutes before you go out, it's worth trying this curl. All you need is a hair dryer. Divide the hair into two parts. If you have a lot of hair, you can also divide it into 3 to 4 parts. The hair should be treated with a texture-enhancing product first, add a gathering nozzle to the hair dryer, then take a part of the hair and tighten it, and dry it with the hair dryer.

After blow-drying, pull the hair away, and the hair looks like the kind of lazy curls that you just wake up. This method can help straighten your hair to increase its texture. If you don't like straight hair with clear broth and water, and you don't want particularly noticeable curls, then you can try this method.

Although wavy straight hair clips were very popular in the 90s (that is, the metal plate of the straight hair clip can be replaced with wavy shapes to add waves to the hair), the more modern wavy lines are not so rigid. Braid your hair into two braids, then use a straightening board to clamp the braids and pull them down from top to bottom. Repeat this several times. This is the same as when we were young when we braided our hair into braids before going to bed, and then dismantled it to "disguise" it into wavy curls after getting up. Fixing the curls with the heat of the straightening board will make the effect longer.

After the hair has cooled down, the braid will be removed and the natural wavy hair will be done.

Beach waves

In addition to the method of creating silky curls in Method 1, you can also twist the hair into a bunch and then wrap it on a curling iron. You will find that the curls produced by the two methods are completely different.

Before taking the curly hair apart, spray Shanghai salt spray or dry shampoo on your hair to bring the texture that you have just returned from the beach.

You need a little patience. You can copy Farrah Fawcett's head with a hair straightener. Hairdressing experts call this yin and yang technique, because you have to change the direction of the straight hair clip to create an S-shaped curl. Choose a hair straightener with a width of about 2.5cm, and the straight hair clip should be parallel to the ground.

Next, pull down the hair straightener, and then stand up perpendicular to the ground. Make sure that the curls at the same angle are on a horizontal line. This method can make the curls look delicate and neat.

Look, the S-shaped waves are smooth and regular, it looks like a real perm, and it is definitely not a one-off.

How to curl big curls with a curling iron? Have you learned these beautiful big wavy curls ? If you want to change to an elegant style, learn it quickly.

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