How to Get Good Beauty School Mannequin Heads Cheap?

2022-09-19 19:01

Getting the best beauty school mannequin heads cheap means you have to seek the topmost quality of products. Since these tools will primarily serve an educational purpose, it’s necessary to ensure they’re long-lasting, in sound condition, and of a wide variety. Doll heads for beauty schools are used by both professionals and amateurs, and as such must be flexible as well.

Perks of Using Mannequin Heads in Beauty Schools

Many people don’t realize the advantages of mannequin heads in beauty schools, and such is expected. But the fact remains that tutors, professionals, and students of every level of learning benefit a lot from these tools. Below are a few of the perks they get from them:

They’re great for practice 

Both professional and amateur students gain a lot of experience from first trying out ideas and styles on mannequin heads

They give you familiarity

Whether you’re a makeup professional or into hairstyling, consistent use of beauty school mannequin heads cheap gets your hands and eyes accustomed to the different skin and hair types you’re sure to encounter. 

They’re great for display

Even at times when you’d prefer to show them samples of styles you wish them to practice, these dummy heads also come in handy, as specimen boards for various class projects.

Types of Beauty School Mannequin Heads

Now that you know how useful beauty school mannequin heads cheap can be, you’ll also need to know the types available. In a beauty school, variety is everything, as you plan to teach different skills to different people. Plus, when it comes to styling and makeup, you deal with lots of people from varying racial backgrounds and age ranges. As such, you must learn to cater to all of them.

With that in mind, here are the types of doll heads you can use in a beauty school:

1. Doll Heads with Hair

These are great for hairstyling beauty students and come in a wide variety of designs and sizes. There are two main purposes of doll heads with hair, which are to help you familiarize yourself with different hair lengths and thickness, and practice both known and newly invented hairstyles. They’re also great for learning the proper application of hair products like dyes, and learning perming and curling techniques.

2. Makeup Practice Doll Heads

For those who’re into makeup, these types are perfect. Makeup doll heads offer you what a human training partner doesn’t; an objective surface to make mistakes on. For new students and amateurs, this is most especially helpful, as they tend to get anxious during their early tries. Even professionals too benefit immensely from these tools, as also do those who love to experiment on new makeup ideas.

3. Wig Doll Heads

For some students, making wigs is their calling. This is where wig doll heads come in. These tools are an amazing help for such a purpose, and they also come in different sizes and face types crafted to mimic the natural human head types. You can use them as a platform to create the wigs directly and also size up the circumference and depth of the wig caps.

Caring for Beauty School Mannequin Heads Cheap

Having different types of cheap mannequin heads in beauty schools is a great idea, but that will matter little if they never get to last you long. So, to ensure your units are always in great condition, regardless of how many people use them, keep the following tips in mind:

● Hair dolls that get constantly dyed may damage quickly, so ensure you have a batch separated specifically for this. That way, not all your units will be used for dyeing practice.


● Never leave the hair on the dummy heads braided while storing. Loosen the hair and brush properly.


● Be sure to wash out any hair products thoroughly before storing your doll heads with hair. Make sure the hair is dry before storing it. Do this by blotting with a towel. Don’t rub, and don’t use a hairdryer.


● Wipe the surfaces of makeup dolls with alcohol and a clean towel, to remove the makeup before storing.


● Never use makeup materials that will leave a permanent stain on your makeup dummy head.

Final Thoughts

Beauty school mannequin heads offer your students the opportunity to become experts at what they do. Remember that variety is the key, which is why you need a lot of different types in your academy. Now that you’ve seen their usefulness, you can also check out these great mannequin heads for beauty schools. You’re sure to find lots of options your academy will be glad to have.

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