How to get maximum pleasure from your headband mannequin

2022-08-03 20:34

A headband mannequin is your best friend if you are a stylish headbands lover. You use these items during the day to support your hair while playing sports or just to look more fashionable. At the end of the day, you remove them and find a permanent place to store them. A good option is to display them on a headgear dummy which keeps them safe and clean. Here is what you need to know about this kind of dummy to make the best use of it.

Which mannequin to choose?

Many newbie mannequin users wrongly think that there is only one type of mannequin heads on the market. In fact, the market is flooded with a wide variety of dummies to all needs, preferences and budgets. Here are the types of mannequins you want to look for to safely store your headband.

1. Styrofoam model

A styrofoam headband mannequin is the cheapest version of head models available on the market. It has a simple structure, a humanized face but the facial features are not painted. It does great at displaying many things, including headbands, but if you care also for making the dummy into a decoration for your house, the styrofoam head may not appeal to you given its boring appearance.

2. Canvas cork head

A canvas cork head is also a mannequin for casual use that fails at making a fashion statement, but it compensates with its usability and versatility. The mannequin has a skin-toned surface but its face doesn't have facial features at all, which makes it a bad decoration idea. Still, the canvas doll has some advantages, such as: soft structure that allows to insert pins and a cleaning-friendly surface that helps you to remove stains with just some mild detergent, warm water and a damp cloth.

3. Plastic head

Plastic headband mannequin is a reliable holder for your sport or fashion headband. It is resistant to impacts and long-lasting, being immune to mold, humidity and light. If you look for a stand to serve your for years to come, a plastic dummy is what you need to go for.


How to adjust mannequins to your size?

A headband is a stretchable accessory. It doesn't damage when you stretch it, but if you do it too much, it may enlarge in size and not fit your head. This may happen when the band is too small to fit the large mannequin head and you force it to get in place. In this case, you are better off to make the mannequin fit the size of your head. Unfortunately, it only works with styrofoam dolls where you can cut the excess foam to bring it to a favorable size. If the cork or plastic heads don't fit, you have to go with a custom manikin made specially for your head size.

When the band though, is too large for your dummy head, you have to make the dummy bigger. It works with all types of mannequins. You measure your head circumference and apply as much packing tape on the dummy until it fits your size. In this way, you ensure that the headband will lie tightly and not slide or fall.


How to store a headband mannequin?

You are good to place the dummy in a shady place to prevent exposure to UV light and heat. If you store it in a sunny place, not only will the mannequin suffer, but also the accessories displayed on it. If there is a headband on the head model, the sun may discolor it and make the fabric easier to rip. The heat also enlarges the fabric and creates waves which doesn't look aesthetic. So if you want to keep your headgear in a nice and presentable condition, you have to store it far from the furious sun.

Final thoughts

Having a headband mannequin helps you to preserve the appeal and style of your headpiece. Still, to ensure that your headband feels good on the stand, you have to take some precautions. You have to store the mannequin away from sunlight and heat and to adjust its size to the size of your headgear to ensure it doesn't stay too tight or too loose. 

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