How to use a curling iron The method to use a automatic plastic curling iron

2022-03-25 13:41

How to use curlers  - automatic curls using methods

1. Connect the hair curler to the power supply. After power on, the red light of the curler will start to flash. At this time, the user can select the temperature according to his own hair quality, and set the temperature at the same time;

2. Set the curling time. In the automatic curling machine, 0 means custom curling. At this time, you only need to heat the hair for 15 seconds to make the hair appear curled, and 8 means natural wavy For curly hair, 4 consecutive beeps after 3 beeps indicate the completion of the curly hair. 10 means 10 seconds, it can make soft curly hair; 12 means 12 seconds, the curls it makes are tighter, and the curls will not appear too fluffy;

3. Set the direction of curling. In the curler, R means inner curling, L means outer curling, and A means the most automatic winding method, that is, automatic gear;

4. Before curling the hair, it is also necessary to determine the opening direction of the reel, and the position with the button is facing the hair;

5. For curly hair, you need to choose 3 cm width hair and fix it at the starting position where you want to curl;

6. Fix the curling iron at the position where you want to curl your hair while ensuring that your hair is neat and straight. Then close the handle and curling iron will automatically start curling. You can release the curling iron when the curling iron sounds.

How to use plastic curling iron

Step 1: Wash and dry the hair first, cut it into an appropriate style, then comb and curl it in layers;

Step 2: Before styling , spray the hair makeup water evenly on the hair. It can not only reduce the damage to the hair, but also make the hair curls more durable;

Step 3: Use a pointed tail comb to divide the U area on the top of the head. The U area is divided into two parts before and after. The back part is curled back inward, the hair in the U area is curled forward, and the back part is curled inward. When curling, it should be vertical to the ground. This kind of hair curler will make the head shape fuller and produce a sense of volume;

Step 4: The hair outside the U area is divided into strands longitudinally according to the amount of hair. Use a curling iron to measure the lower part of the hair from the inside. Make sure that the hair with the bangs is not curled, and starts to curl up from the hair behind the ears;

Step 5: After curling the lower part of the hair, put down the hairpin on the head, and then start to curl the upper part of the hair;

Step 6: After curling, use your fingers to gently insert the roots of the hair, and gently separate the curls with your fingertips to make the curls look more natural;

Step 7: The styling spray is sprayed on the shape, so that the shape of some longer duration;

In the styling process, you should pay attention to your head shape and hair length, and choose different thickness curling irons for each part. However, it is better to curl the hair in each curl at least two and a half turns.

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