How to wear a summer print skirt

2022-08-29 06:01

Yang Mi won the "Best Actress" at the 50th Houston International Film Festival and was instantly promoted to an international actress. However, many netizens did not buy it, because the film festival known as the "Three North American Film Festivals" did not listen to it. Heard it.

But the editor wants to say that Yang Mi's dress is still beautiful. The print and the fishtail design are full of fairy spirit, and the burgundy velvet belt adds elegance.

After all, I have gone abroad, so I am all big names: Miu Miu printed special dress/shoes: Christian Louboutin/jewelry: Piaget Limelight Rose Passion high-end jewelry.

Even Yang Mi wore a printed skirt. It can be seen how popular this dress has become this year. Let’s take a look at how the printed skirt looks good.

Look1 printed long dress

The gorgeous prints and long skirts form CP, which is fairy-like and beautiful. If you don’t like too dense print patterns, you can choose this style with relatively large pattern spacing.

For the season that still can't do without a small coat, you can try it. The combination of a short jacket and a long printed skirt can easily look fashionable by simply matching a pair of flat heels.

Of course, you can also choose a handsome motorcycle leather jacket with a printed long dress, with sneakers on your feet, and wear a casual and fashionable girly style.

Look2 embroidered printed gauze skirt

This season, this fairy and sexy see-through tulle skirt is also very popular, and it has become the favorite choice of actresses. The looming tulle dotted with three-dimensional beautiful flowers is really eye-catching and beautiful in capitals.

And this kind of skirt can best demonstrate the ingenuity of the details, and the beauty is breathtaking. In daily collocation, this flower embroidered gauze skirt is also a powerful tool for concave shapes.

The style is also very changeable, which can show sexy, handsome or elegant charm, helping you to stand out from the crowd easily.

Look3 printed skirt

Compared with the one-piece skirt, the printed half skirt is more suitable for our daily wear, and it is also very practical to wear. It can be combined with shirts and jackets in spring. In the summer, there is no pressure with a T-shirt or camisole.

But be sure to remember that the upper body is mainly simple and pure color when matching. And with the little white shoes, it is more age-reducing, and the girly feeling is more full.

Look4 printed accessories

In fact, if you don't want to be too fancy, you don't necessarily need to match the colors of the prints to achieve a cohesive look. You can still work hard on shoes and bags. Using prints as accessories will have the finishing touch and will not be cumbersome.

However, in order to make the overall look not so colorful and messy, usually when matching bags, choose pure colors as much as possible, not only to wear a sense of luxury, but also to show taste.

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