How to wear hot and cold, Gao Yuanyuan teaches you how to wear a goddess fan

2022-10-31 06:01

The bright and bright red short sweater is equipped with a white base shirt. The colors are in sharp contrast, and the red and white matching will highlight the good complexion. Paired with black high-waist nine-point suit trousers, high heels, and a chain bag, it is stylish and easy to wear.

A denim suit, of course, is also the most popular dress in spring. The combination of a denim shirt and a white T-shirt is paired with high-waisted denim flared pants. This year's super popular dress, the shirt is tucked into the waistband to highlight the small waist and the body is very good.

The dark high-necked blouse is paired with a vintage burnt yellow hollow lace skirt, and white high heels are stepped on. This dress is quite controllable in color, but the goddess has a high face value and looks good in everything.

Gao Yuanyuan can give people the feeling of a blockbuster with a casual shot. The loose sweater with zebra pattern is matched with black loose trousers. Especially nowadays the most popular half-tie meatball head, so that you can reduce the age and playful.

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