HyunA is getting farther and farther and uglier on the road of lip augmentation

2022-12-19 06:02

Rui Jiang thought about it carefully, the hot search package year user Jin Hyunya has been super quiet recently, and I still miss Rui Jiang after not seeing her for a few days.

Open her ins and find that HyunA's appearance seems to be rejuvenated?

The big thick lips that have been discussed by everyone a while ago seem to have quietly changed for the better? The lip part also looks a lot less swollen and now looks fuller and more natural.

You know, Hyuna was really ridiculed out of the sky some time ago, and her whole person lost the natural sexiness and aura of "Little Mustang".

No matter how you look at it, it feels like a big mouth...

Lips that are too thick can easily look tacky and dusty. It also makes the bulging problem seem more obvious.

Even without makeup, the thickness of the lips can be clearly felt.

Not to mention the thick red lips, it feels like the lip part completely occupies the entire line of sight...

Even the lip peaks are a little blurry, completely thick in a straight line.

Even biting lip makeup can't cover it, and the presence of lips is still a lever...

You know, HyunA was like this before!

Before HyunA, her lips were of moderate thickness, which was just right for her bright red lips.

Even the upper lip is a little thin, and it becomes a little invisible when laughing. There is a kind of lively girly feeling, which has a wonderful chemical reaction with HyunA's natural sexy breath, which makes HyunA different from ordinary sexy actresses.

HyunA's cheekbones are high, the skin and soft tissue are thicker, and the apple muscle itself is relatively full, and with the cheekbones as a foil, it is more prominent.

At this time, with too thick red lips, it will appear that the face is very "sensual" and lacks a cool temperament.

HyunA's nose bridge is relatively straight, but her eyebrows and eyes are still not deep enough, and lacks the support of bone feeling. At this time, with lips that are too "meaty", the line feeling of the whole face will be weakened, making her look bloated.

Compared to HyunA, our first ins blogger, Kylie Jenner, is more suitable for lip augmentation.

Kylie's previous lips were thin, especially the upper lip, and the lipstick can still clearly feel thin and small.

With a face with a higher three-dimensionality and big and deep eyes, you will feel the aura of the whole person is timid.

With thick lips and a suitable makeup style, Kylie's aura is simply overwhelming.

The previous all-inclusive thick eyeliner and exaggerated eyelashes made the eye makeup look dirty, and the focus on the eyes was too concentrated, making it easier for people to focus on the lips that were not full enough.

But now Kylie's makeup is more inclined to less and more detailed line. Delicate eyebrows make the whole person more energetic.

In the eye makeup part, earth-colored eye shadow is usually used to deepen the eye contour + brighten the eye head, making the whole eye more profound.

The upper eyeliner is gradually thickened and elongated in the second half of the eye, which not only does not show heavy makeup, but also makes the whole person look charming and energetic.

The part of the lower eyelid mainly relies on the smudge of the eyeshadow to replace the eyeliner.

With curly sunflower eyelashes, the makeup is delicate and capable.

The plump lips, deep facial features and skinny facial contours make the whole person more aura.

For Asians with flat facial features, don't take the road of lip augmentation easily. It's enough for Rui Jiang to show you and NANA how to draw lip augmentation!

Nana's lips are thin, but the lips are beautiful, and the corners of the mouth are pointed when he smiles. But more than pure, lack of aura.

NANA chose the lip liner method this time, and first used a lip liner to outline the lip shape.

(Tip: The ratio of the upper lip to the lower lip is 1:1.5 for the best look! Hyuna's upper and lower lips are a bit close to 1:1, which looks too bloated and strange.)

Finish the outline with a lip liner, then fill in with lipstick, and finally use a concealer to modify the outline!

If you want sexy thick lips, don't learn from HyunA!

You deserve NANA's lip liner!

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