I lost to the blush in the front of the heart-wrenching man

2022-04-11 13:30

Last time I met a colleague in the elevator, she said that I looked very pale, and I didn't feel as energetic as when I first came. I thought something was wrong, skin care products are getting old and expensive recently, it could not be a skin problem, I just found out when I looked in the mirror, I forgot to apply blush! !

The blush that feels right will really match the complexion too much, not only will the entire base makeup be sublimated, but the person will also look super tender! ! It's that kind of Japanese oxygen youth, innocent and beautiful girl !

But maybe many girls don't know how to choose a blush that suits their skin tone, and they are blind to buy colors! It's you! I just saw a video of Mr. Xu some time ago, which talked about the method of choosing blush. One of them is pinching yourself in the face, or slapping yourself with the palm of your hand.

Until your face turns red and bleed, this is the best blush for your skin, and then go to the counter to find a similar shade to it.

Is there a little fool who did the above method? Come let me touch your little cheek. In fact, there is a very simple method, which is to look at the blood vessels in your hands.

The yellow-skinned sister with blue blood vessels can choose an orange-colored blush, while the white-skinned sister with blue blood vessels can boldly choose a pink-toned blush!

Having said all that, you must be waiting for me to recommend blush! Without further ado, let's get started!

Blush for yellow skin


Accidentally discovered MAC's unpopular color #wram soul, it is a very high-end nude apricot color with a little polarized light flash, but this kind of flash on the face will not show pores at all! !

The powder quality is that kind of baking, and there is a lot of flying powder, but the pressed powder is real and very durable, and it will never be used up in 5, 6, or 7 years.

The color rendering is not very high, so novice babies can also operate very well. Personally, I think it is also super suitable for brushing on both sides of the cheeks for contouring, it has the effect of modifying the small face, and the fine flash inside makes the face look puffy and very shiny~

#deep throat 

One of the three NARS blush net red giants has the name #deep throat. I have to say that there is a reason for the fire, and the color is very subtle! ! It looks pink in everyday light, and looks peach pink in the sun.

The color is pink but not gaudy. Even if you swipe your face a lot, it will not be exaggerated. If you look closely, there are very small flashes, but it is not as high-profile as a climax.

The upper face is like your natural good skin, and the skin looks particularly transparent and natural!


#484 just peachy

LA GIRL is really a superior Chinese cabbage, and the unit price of each item is cheap! . I have used iron sheets for their grooming. This #484 blush is a very energetic peach orange. It has a slight gloss on the face, but it is not completely matte. It is really super Japanese and cute when brushed. It's not easy to become a monkey ass!

With orange lipstick, you are a creamy winter girl, I think it is very white, and yellow skin can also be. It is said that this color number is still a cheap alternative to nars gina. Such a large piece is only 3 or 40 yuan. If you can't buy it, you can't be fooled!

Wet n wild 

#p 3262

Wet and Wild is also a fighter in open makeup. The editor started with a very popular rose blush brush from its family before, and then the assistant was given this #3262 rose champagne color by the assistant. Its color is actually quite close to the contouring color.

I thought it would not be suitable for yellow skin on my face, but I was surprised! Brush it to the cheekbones and nose, it looks great and it is suitable for daily makeup~

And this color is very easy to use, and it is not easy for novice babies to make mistakes! A blush for fair skin.

Too cool for school

#06 rose

The little tin box too cool for school is really cute, and people who don't know it in the bag think it's candy. The texture feels soft and glutinous like plasticine, you can smudge it with your fingers, and the upper face will turn from paste to powder, without sticking and caking, and the makeup effect is super natural! ! !

06 This peach powder looks very pink, but the upper face is closer to the color of rose bean paste, which goes well with makeup, very gentle and girly! And this color is really white, okay, please take advantage of your white skin crush!

#eat melon sand scoop watermelon

My mother, please taste this watermelon red blush, the packaging and appearance are all online, please take my money! !

The color of eating melon really pokes me, the surface print is a retro sun flower, the color is like a rich, plump and juicy iced watermelon, with colorful fine sparkles.

The saturation is super high, so you must start lightly and keep in mind the principle of small amount and many times. Perfect for smudging under the eyes to create that hangover look! Super western style, white skin will cry yourself beautifully!

Clap o clap


A must-have purple grape #hara, the color is like the purple glow that fades in the evening. It is very, very, very beautiful, and it also has a very subtle flash, which is a slightly drunk feeling! charming!

The gradient color can draw a lot of colors, you can adjust it according to your skin tone, and find the purple tone that suits you best!

The pressure plate of this piece is very solid, and there is no serious flying powder phenomenon. The upper face is a cool-toned powder mist, especially fairy, very suitable for cold-skinned girls! Light makeup is always affordable! Sister, listen to me, you must start with a cheek purple, it will open the door to a new world for you!

This piece of canmake should be the color of warm spring! To be honest, they always grab my heart every time they are new. #13 The warm apricot pink is so tender! The pearly sheen is very obvious when you apply it thickly, and the apple muscle swells up at once.

The 5-color petals can be mixed into many different colors, the lightest one can also be used as a highlight, and the price is very high!

The silt quality is still very good and delicate, and the color rendering has also been greatly improved. Looking at the beauty of the light, I can't stand it at all!

Well, that's all for today's blush sharing, I think you will like them.

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