Identify the 6 major culprits of "burst acne" to restore smooth and beautiful skin

2023-02-10 17:44

There are various reasons for acne, especially in today's urban people, who are engrossed in work for a long time every day, and have no time to care about too many things. The bad habits in life unknowingly make our skin condition continue to deteriorate. Many jobs require us to face many customers and other strangers. The first impression of appearance is particularly important. Therefore, it is not too late to get rid of acne and whiten.

The culprit No. 1: Dirty pillowcases and towels

Think about it: you put your face on a pillow for hours. If it's dirty, it's tantamount to rolling around on a pile of dead skin cells and bacteria. There are also towels, which will unknowingly spread countless bacteria evenly on your freshly washed face.

Dermatologists recommend that people change their pillowcases 1-2 times a week and use a clean towel every day.

The culprit No. 2: Excessive mental stress

Mental stress can cause skin problems. Heart pounding, stomach upset, wrinkles ensue... Stress also stimulates hormones that can lead to acne. How to be good? In fact, decompression is not as difficult as you think. You can relax yourself by practicing yoga, doing a face mask, writing a diary, or watching TV, and don't get too excited when things go wrong.

The culprit No. 3: Frequent cleansing leads to excessive cleansing

"Draining all the oil and moisture from your face is the only way to irritate your skin," says medical experts. Dry your face with a strong cleanser, soap, and alcohol-based toner, and use less moisturizer. , in fact, this is harmful and unhelpful! "The skin has a self-regulating function, and if it feels dry, it tries to maintain balance by pumping out oil, and the result is a vicious cycle," the experts said.

Expert advice: Treat your skin gently and keep it moisturised (moisturised, not greasy). Use a cleanser designed for acne-prone skin, a cleanser with 2% salicylic acid, followed by a hydrating toner and a lightweight oil-free moisturizer.

The culprit No. 4: Use cosmetics that contain irritating ingredients

There may be some acne-causing ingredients hidden in your daily facial cosmetics and sunscreens. When purchasing cosmetics, you should intentionally avoid the following acne-causing ingredients:

Artificial Colors - These things can irritate your skin. You can look up the list given by the US Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act against the ingredient list to see which are artificial colors. If you have it in lipstick and blush, you can get pimples around your mouth and on your cheeks.

Lanolin - actually the fat of sheep. Although it is really good for dry skin, it is not suitable for acne-prone skin at all.

Mineral oil - It forms a thin film on the surface of the skin, making it easy for dead skin cells and bacteria (both primary culprits in causing acne) to build up on the skin. It can also cause milia, which is what we often call white fat granules.

Petroleum (the main ingredient of Vaseline) - is oil again, adding oil to the face is tantamount to adding fuel to the fire. You should understand that there is no need to refuel your face.

Isopropyl myristate (Isopropyl myristate, used as an emulsifier and humectant in cosmetics.) - Although it can make your skin feel less oily, it can clog pores and irritate the skin.

Artificial fragrance - irritates the skin, causing acne. Therefore, try to choose fragrance-free cosmetics.

The culprit No. 5: Unclean makeup tools

Are your foundation brushes, blush brushes, cotton pads, etc. clean? Experts point out: "Makeup tools are often crawling with bacteria and dead skin cells, like an acne factory. Remember, make-up sponges should only be used once, and shampoo or special lotion to clean the brushes every week. They are bacteria-free, you The skin is naturally clean.”

The culprit No. 6: Hair styling products

Dermatologists say: "Many people don't know that their hair products can cause breakouts. But think about how many times your hair touches your face every day. Unless you wash your hair every day before bed, all hair products will seeps into the pillow."

Hair products containing oils, silicone esters and plasticizers can clog pores when they come into contact with the skin. So if you usually have long hair or bangs on your forehead, try not to use products that contain these ingredients.

It is actually not difficult to achieve both the anti-acne plan and the whitening dream. As long as you look at the effective ingredients in the product, you can restore full and shiny pearly skin with a ruthless shot. Even if the plain face is facing the sky, no matter who is before or after, it can still shine and move!

DHC Butterfly Cui Shi Anti-Acne Whitening Essence

Product introduction: Contains allantoin and other ingredients, which can effectively prevent acne and rough skin, inhibit excess sebum secretion and prevent pore clogging. The cleansing ingredients can keep the skin surface clean and maintain a skin environment that is not prone to acne. In addition, the stable vitamin C derivative can prevent pigmentation and pigmentation caused by ultraviolet rays, and play a positive role in lightening acne marks.

Editor's suggestion: It can not only improve the formed acne, but also play a multi-effect skin care effect from many aspects such as preventing acne, lightening acne marks, and increasing skin transparency. Apply it all over the face to enhance the transparency of the stratum corneum and help sensitive acne-prone skin return to fairness.

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