Is the oversized suit more fashionable than you think

2022-10-11 15:18

Mummy jeans, once considered old fashioned, have been firmly occupying the C position for the past two years, and it is natural to pair them with a "broken" suit jacket.

Lucy Haier's oversized gray plaid suit jacket on the upper body, wearing light-colored mommy jeans on the lower half, the color is refreshing and low saturation, which cleverly neutralizes the old-fashioned and business temperament of the plaid suit. At the same time, it has a straight version and a high waist. The design also modifies the shape of the legs well, and the "beautiful girl" who is less than 1.6 meters tall instantly transforms into a temperament workplace queen.

Suit jeans with sneakers carry the casual style to the end.

Haiqing is also a heavy lover of suit jackets. If you think suits made of suit fabrics are too old-fashioned, it will be much better to replace them with cotton and linen ones. The casual suits made of cotton and linen fabrics and the small white shoes of jeans bring the youthful breath of Haiqing in private.

Loose suits and Mom Jeans are really good to wear! The overall tone of Zhang Yuge's set is darker, you can try to match it with the big red lips that are necessary for autumn and winter, and it will definitely make you full of aura in the crowd when you are two meters away.

Of course, it's okay to try some beautiful colors in the dark, monotonous autumn day.

The oversized suit with a longer and wider version is also the best item to match the "missing lower body". The model of Alexander Wang's Spring/Summer 2019 series perfectly interprets this "All Black" dress-a suit with reflective leather upper body and a black leather skirt. The length of the suit covers the mini skirt and reveals slender legs. The collocation of loose and inner tightness is very layered while slimming is also a good hand. So handsome and not lacking in little sexy dressing, don’t hurry up to learn, the cool girl who combines mother and man is you!

The erratic "super killer girl" also has a soft spot for this way of dressing. It is also a light gray suit that is longer than the bottom. The big shoulder pads and the slender wrists exposed under the thick fabric look thinner recently. 

Long skirts have always been a symbol of femininity. The swaying pose of the flowing long skirts highlights the unique femininity and elegance of women, and subtly neutralizes the neutral temperament of the suit. The blessing of the suit also makes the long skirt mature Elegance and femininity are more prominent, cleverly setting off the knowledge and wisdom that have been deposited over the years.

Both sets of Naomi Watts's looks are as elegant as French girls from the movies, regardless of the color scheme.

The suits and chiffon long skirts of the same color, if you feel that the front is too monotonous, you can add some caution like the picture below-the irregular length of the pleated skirt reveals a slender ankle, and the high waist design is also Can effectively stretch the lines of the lower body, with a bright color bag is also the finishing touch.

If you are a girl with a fair complexion, don't worry, use the method of contrasting the color of the suit and the skirt to make yourself more outstanding, and the eye-catching degree is absolutely perfect!

Is the oversized suit more fashionable than you think?

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