Cleaning tips you must know

2023-03-17 19:56

Recently, the editor received a question about washing his face.

For example……

Why do I still feel pimples after washing my face every day?

Why is it a moisturizing facial cleanser but not moisturizing at all?

Why did I buy an expensive facial cleanser but it didn't have the expected effect?

The answer is simple...

You may not wash your face at all!

POINT1: Dosage

Too little quantity, not enough cleaning power

Too much, wastes and hurts the skin

The right amount is important!

The general dosage is about the size of a coin to create rich bubbles. Handicapped people can use some foaming tools such as foaming nets or cleansing cotton to make fine foam.

POINT2: water temperature

Is it better to wash your face with cold water or with hot water?

The hot water washes away the protective film of the skin.

The water temperature is too low, the pores are tightly closed and the washing is not clean.

so, the following popular science time:

Dry skin does not secrete much oil, and the long-term high temperature of the face wash is a major cause of dry skin. Just use cold water at 32°C!

Oily skin and combination skin have more oil spills, so it is best to use hot water (of course not boiling water that can kill pigs, but hot water around 38~40 ℃), which is slightly higher than the skin surface temperature but will not feel hot. The grease mixed with dust and oleophilic bacteria is washed away to avoid future troubles.

The stratum corneum of sensitive skin is relatively thin, and the skin is relatively fragile. Warm water of about 36-37 °C, which is basically the same as the surface temperature of human skin, can avoid causing hot and cold stimulation to sensitive skin.

For neutral skin, both cold water and hot water are ok. It is best to wash your face with hot water first and then rinse with cold water!

For mature skin, it is suitable to wash your face with cold water, add some salt (preferably sea salt), or use cold strong tea to wash your face to reduce the generation and deepening of wrinkles.

POINT3: face washing technique

[T zone]

Circle the forehead from bottom to top

The technique on both sides of the nose is also from the bottom of the nose to the tip of the nose.

[U area]

The cheek technique is a large circle from bottom to top. The lymph nodes on both sides of the chin need to be massaged in circular motions with exfoliating products. (It is said that only beautiful people can see this content - when washing your face, use the joints of your fingers to press the two bones next to the cheeks, which not only dulls the light, but also tightens the chin line!)

Dip your face with a clean and delicate towel after washing your face, and gently absorb the moisture from the surface of your face! Finally, remember to lock in the moisture with moisturizing lotion while your face is still dry.

Here is the naked Amway time:

Elizabeth Arden Water Refreshing Cleanser

A high-efficiency cleanser with a soothing essence that removes oil secretion while soothing the skin, leaving it refreshed and not tight. Oil-free formula, rich in foam, thoroughly cleans the skin, removes excess old dead skin cells on the face; constricts pores, leaves the skin fresh and clean, smooth and not tight.

Curel Oil Control Moisturizing Cleansing Foam

It is also suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Pump pressure cleansing foam, one-touch foaming, anti-allergic formula, quick-acting dissolving formula, oil meets the foam and melts into water. No tightness after washing, acne suppression, no fragrance and coloring, like it.

Facial Cleansing Specialist Soft Purifying Foam

Super cost-effective! The foam is super dense, can penetrate deep into the skin texture and pores, and is easy to rinse; with the addition of sericin, it can gently cleanse and maintain skin moisture. Press it lightly, one step in place, save the time of opening-extrusion-kneading-forced cleaning, you can sleep for a few more minutes in the morning, it is the favorite of lazy bed people!

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