Use these tips to keep your makeup on longer

2022-08-30 13:45

Many people think that since the power of makeup is so powerful, there is no need to pay too much attention to maintenance. In fact, the purpose of makeup is not just to cover up but to modify. If the maintenance is not done properly, it will speed up the removal of makeup. The mottled makeup may not look as good as a plain makeup.

Doubt 1: After using the so-called makeup artifact, the skin is still very rough, and the foundation is like a mask floating on the face within two hours.

Evidence 1: After pulling out the makeup tools recommended by everyone, I found that the makeup was stuck when the makeup was applied, the skin texture was more obvious after the application, the pores were larger than usual, and the makeup holding effect was not too bad? Please don't rely on tools or foundation, and calculate how long you have exfoliated? Excess keratin accumulated on the skin surface will not only cause a burden on the skin, but also affect the absorption of skin care products. The point is that it's impossible to achieve perfect skin with foundation, and it doesn't take long for you to start taking off your makeup.

Doubt 2: After the step-by-step maintenance, what happens when the foundation becomes muddy?

Evidence 2: Careful maintenance is to give the skin a good foundation and make the makeup more even and longer lasting. However, after careful skin care, mud and dandruff appear, and the degree of makeup retention is also greatly deducted. Not only does the heavy base make-up accelerate the shedding of makeup, but also skin care products. In the summer when oil is easy to produce and the skin temperature is too high, you should choose skin care products with a lighter texture, and there must be time for absorption between different skin care steps.

Doubt 3: The durability of the lipstick is reflected in the card lip lines, and the rest of the lipstick will soon be lost.

Evidence 3: Lip skin also needs exfoliation. I believe many people will ignore this skin care step. The same is the exposed skin, the lips are also facing the "destruction" of eating, and it is impossible to take good care of it. Lip scrub is the most convenient existence. As long as it is used regularly, the lip skin will become smooth and soft, eliminating dead skin and lip lines, and natural lip makeup will last longer.

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