"Illusory City" starts broadcasting. Magical modeling can be so beautiful

2022-08-29 06:01

Because only 4 episodes have been broadcast so far, we will leave the plot aside for the time being, but the shapes of the characters in the film, as well as the makeup photos of various posters before, the first element of popular science that "Imaginary City" gives us is that the magic style can be used. So beautiful!

Originally, when we watched dramas, the dresses of female characters would be more eye-catching. But in this magical masterpiece, Feng Shaofeng and Ma Tianyu's appearances are really hard to ignore!

Because the roles played by the two people are the royal family of the Ice Clan, their appearances are mostly silver themed. The white clothes and long silver hair are simply fairy-like.

The brown eye makeup with metallic luster and Yinglang's sword eyebrows also add a lot to the characters.

In addition, students of the long straight hair family should pay attention to see how many beautiful braided hairstyles the cast of "Illusion City" has provided us, and they should not be too delicate.

In terms of female roles, Song Qian and Madina are absolutely responsible for their looks. Although the two people have different styles, the characters they interpret are also amazing!

The role played by Song Qian is an ordinary human race, so her hair color has not changed, she is still ordinary long black hair, but the one-sided side braid injects a lot of vitality into her.

And adding leather strips and silver ornaments as embellishments in the twist braid, plus curly slanted bangs, immediately turned into a national hairstyle.

From the previous stills, we can see that the plot develops to the back, and it seems that there will be a "marriage" bridge between Song Qian and Feng Shaofeng. Song Qian's style in this scene can definitely be a reference for prospective brides who are about to enter the wedding hall. Abandon those rare (will) odd (old) ancient (ten) strange (year-old) hairstyles recommended by wedding stylists, curl your long hair into a natural arc, and match it with a veil will be more beautiful. The princess-style crown and pearl necklace immediately enhance the extravagance a lot. At the wedding scene, please throw away the red lips that will turn you into a bloodbath, and choose a pink lipstick that can enhance your complexion, which will make you feel full of girls.

Let's take another look at the appearance of Madina, who is a proper exotic beauty! The big eyes are matched with golden eye makeup, and the eyeliner that is long and slightly raised makes her look beautiful and charming. Brown curly hair and eyebrow makeup of the same color make the overall look full.

The makeup of the magic world is so beautiful that even fighting is a game-like picture. Let everyone feel the duel between the Ice Clan and the Fire Clan.

This is not the end, even their divine beasts are snow-white and ferocious.

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