Important Facts About Your Salon Hairdressing Training Head

2023-01-06 23:14

Knowing how to use a salon hairdressing training head is important for people who want to become a good hairstylist. But not all training heads are created equal. If you want to become the best, you must have the best learning tools. The wrong tools can hold you back, even if you're very talented. Choosing the right education materials if you want to hasten your learning and develop your skills to their full potential. For aspiring hairdressers, the most important training tool that you can have is a mannequin head. In this article, you'll learn more about training heads and the right way to use them so you can get the most from them.


What is a salon hairdressing training head?


As the name suggests, it is a mannequin head that is used by aspiring hairdressers to develop their skills. But even professionals use training heads sometimes if they want to practice new and old techniques. The best training heads are handmade and are made with high-quality materials. And they feature 100% human hair. It's important to use training heads with real human hair. They are the ones that provide the best training experience. But you need to make sure that the hair is ethically-sourced. It's important that those who provided hair are well-compensated and were treated fairly.


Training heads come with different hairstyles. The hair also vary in length and even in color. This means that you have a lot of options to choose from. It's important for aspiring hairstylists to get used to styling different types of hair. In the real world - when they start working - they will encounter different types of clients with different hair types. It's important to choose a training head with premium hair. The best kind of hair is virgin hair. To be considered virgin hair, it must not have been processed or colored. Training heads with virgin hair are more expensive. But the cost is justified.


Not all natural hair are human hair


When you see a training head labeled with natural hair, don't assume that it's made with human hair. There are also mannequin heads that are made with animal hair and they can also be labeled as natural hair. There's nothing really wrong about animal hair. In fact, goat hair is actually stronger than human hair. And it is even more suitable for vibrant coloring. You can also find training heads with a combination of human and animal hair. The important thing is that it's clear to you what kind you're getting when you're shopping for a training head. You should choose a manufacturer that is transparent about the type of hair they're using.


How to care for your training head


You should treat the hair of your training head the same way you treat human hair. You should wash and condition it using the best products you can get. When washing the hair of your training head, you should use warm or cool water. You should also use styling products the way they are intended to be used.


You should wash the hair of your training head on a regular basis. This is to avoid dirt and residue form styling products from building up. You should avoid products that could dry out hair. If you have a mannequin head with long hair, what you should do is brush the hair from the tip first and then move up the hair. This is to avoid excessive pull on the hair. And before you color the hair of your training head, you should do a strand test first.


Choose a high-quality salon hairdressing training head


It's important that you choose a high-quality training head. This is why you need to find a good manufacturer or seller of training heads. One company that you should check out is FAIRYMIX. It's an online shop that specializes on mannequin heads, training heads, and related accessories. The best thing about this company is their efficient shipping policy. When they receive an order, they make sure that the product is packed and picked up from their warehouse within 24 hours. The company is also known for their excellent customer service. They are open to answering all questions that are related to training heads.

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