In addition to looking forward to sweet tea, "Little Women" is worth watching

2022-10-17 06:02

Hey~ Sisters, your Ruijiang is here again~ After the epidemic is over, which movie do the sisters plan to watch? Ruijiang has thought about it. The first movie to watch is "Little Women"!

In the new trailer yesterday, Ronan talked about the interaction with Sweet Tea

The "Little Pony" demonstration in the movie and on-site will give everyone an enjoyable animated version.

This is too sweet! Although they are not together in the movie, the CP fans who stand here are all in their hearts

Especially the little sisters who saw the "showdown" between two people a few days ago by Ruijiang's side, they all "cried" in their voice: "awsl... Can you refuse sweet tea???"

In fact, Ruijiang was the "crying girl" in the past and the reason Ruijiang was able to pretend to be calm this time is that the attention is really attracted by the costumes! ! !

It’s said that a set of suits is as beautiful as coming out of an oil painting, but Ruijiang wants to say that the collection of oil paintings has spanned a hundred years, and future generations may not have the opportunity to see the details of "Little Women" with full marks~

Like sweet tea's "Private Sons", silk print on satin, shirt buttons embedded with diamonds

Even the gold embroidery on the strap

The beauty of stitch by stitch really touches people's hearts.

Such British retro outfits are all from the costume designer Jacqueline Durran. She was nominated for Oscar seven times. This time she won the second time. She had won awards for "Anna Karenina" before.

Judging from the costume design of "Little Women" this time, Oscar really deserves his name!

Jacqueline Duran said: "The dress I created is not the real dress style of 1934." "This is a combination of elements made up of people with modern vision."

And this is precisely the answer to the previous controversy over clothing from foreign audiences. Jacqueline Duran, who is familiar with modern aesthetic concepts, actually improved retro clothing

And her prediction is correct. Take women's drag skirts for example, the extreme waist waist of that era, and the pursuit of an hourglass figure, in fact, long-term corsets are very bad for women's health.

And Jacqueline Duran is not advocating this, what she has been doing is integrating multiple elements into her clothing. For example, lace elements that can often be seen in Meg's clothing collocation

As a symbol of Victorian style, taffeta skirts are indispensable~

There is also Meg’s wedding dress, the simple white gauze skirt is also decorated with lace

Even after the marriage, the family is not wealthy, the coarse cloth skirt is matched with a lace shirt, and the floral elements make Meg more gentle.

For the maverick Jo, Jacqueline Duran ingeniously arranged for her, dark + plaid, even the skirt is free and easy boyish~

For Beth, who is easily overlooked among the Ma’s sisters, in addition to her kindness and quietness throughout the movie, there is also a skirt designed with wooden ears.

Just as the decorative wood ears, it will not overwhelm the guests, and it will have a quiet and beautiful atmosphere with the taro purple~

As for the dazzling fashion icon Amy among sisters, Jacqueline Duran is the most troubled with her outfit.

Whether it’s a gorgeous satin dress for a banquet or an elegant floral dress for a date

Even the apron used for painting is always exquisite. The tight corsets and skirts that belong to that era are concentrated on Amy's skirts as if they were restored to history.

And the above elements can be used in retro style collocation, and the practical wearability that can be used for reference in the movie is also very high~ This kind of skirt is not too friendly to the pear-shaped figure with wide hips and thin waist! First of all, the waistline is below the chest so that the hin shows the leg length

It also has a skirt support, and the outwardly-expanded A-line skirt can modify the crotch, and the length of the skirt can also cover the meat~ With a pair of small leather shoes, even the calf and leg shape are taken care of together~

Regarding the plot, because it has not been released in China, Ruijiang has not seen too many specific plots, but what Ruijiang can understand is shared with the sisters~, most reviews have mentioned this version of "Little Women" "There are some new interpretations of the original work, and there are many adaptations from the 1994 version.

There are a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand people. Each edition of "Little Women" can give people a lot of inspiration, but what everyone perceives is different.

Especially with regard to Jo’s inner struggle and incomprehension about marrying women

In order not to be overly spoiler, let’s use the words of netizens as a finishing touch, “I don’t want to comment on how good it is and where it is worth thinking about, because it conveys a sense of uncertainty that can’t be grasped, vague and unclear. Dark light and power."

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