In February, Li Yuchun's overwhelming votes reached the top of the red and black dress list, Deng Ziqi was spit out

2022-12-26 06:02

Red list star dress

Li Yuchun

As a super icon in the fashion circle, Li Yuchun easily reached the top with a comfortable and practical coat shape this month. And with an overwhelming number of votes, once again interpret the charm of the superstar. Spring and spring choose profile coats and turtleneck sweaters are very practical items to wear in early spring, both fashionable and warm.

Zhou Bichang

Zhou Bichang, who has tried many new styles on stage recently, is still that cool street girl in private. This denim jacket is superimposed on a long plaid shirt, which can be regarded as a model in the mix and match street style, full of trendy flavor.

Huang Jingyu

Huang Jingyu, who successfully transformed into a tough guy in the movie "Operation Red Sea", has a simple and tough style in private clothes. A camouflage jacket with a white hoodie can highlight his masculine qualities and reduce his age indefinitely. The white hoodie has such a magical effect.

Jiang Shuying

The all black styling of the goddess Jiang Shuying wears a layered sense of change through the collocation of black items without fabrics. The wearing of the same color single product has always been the most test of the celebrity's matching skills, but fortunately, Jiang Shuying passed the test perfectly with super driving power.

Wu Lei

Following Jiang Shuying in the red list is Xiao Xianrou Wu Lei, who is also in the same color. The same color style allows Wu Lei to easily show off a pair of perfect long legs. And the little white shoes he chose are also a versatile weapon.

Ouyang Nana

As a newcomer Xiaohua Ouyang Nana, this body shape can be described as a "cool and sweet" textbook demonstration. The furry fur coat upgraded Ouyang Nana's sweetness. And the Martin boots that she matched with the bag is still cool and neat, it has become a cool styling.

Di Lieba

Seeing Reba’s airport look, the editor admired not Reba but the photographer. This way, fully armed, you can recognize Reba, really powerful. As a popular Xiaohuadan nowadays, Reba's shape is full of tide. The red-hot fisherman hat and profile jacket are essential tools for the new year's concave shape.

Recently, Nazha, who has always preferred cool street style, is rare to wear such a gorgeous look. Nazha used a sporty inner style, mixed and matched candy-colored coats, full of vitality. It seems that sweatpants + coats are the most popular mix and match combination in spring.

Zhou Dongyu

Dongyu sister paper, you can have a snack. The star holding up his ID card to the camera must be Zhou Dongyu alone. However, the little girl's light gray hoodie paired with a white overalls is a refreshing look. It fits perfectly with the pure temperament of Dongyu Zhou.

Zhang Tianai

The long-legged goddess Zhang Tianai, the private server brand has always been good. This sporty down jacket is actually not easy to wear, and the requirements for the figure are extremely demanding, not only thin but also tall enough. The only thing that made the editor a little bit confused was the pair of shoes selected by Xiao Ai. The white pointed-toed shoes paired with sports pants are still a bit visually inconsistent.

Blacklist star dress

To be honest, Deng Ziqi's appearance is not so ugly that it makes netizens so crazy. At least it's much more beautiful than those leather pants before, right? ! It seems that netizens still have higher requirements for Tiefei Xiaotian.

Chen Yanxi

To be honest, Chen Yanxi's clothing is indeed outside the category of the goddess of the fashion circle. Obviously she has the perfect look of the girl next door, but her style is always erratic. I hope that the goddess quickly finds her own position and wears her personal style.

Jin Dong

Seeing that "veteran cadre" Jin Dong has entered the black list, the editor only has two words to visualize the netizens who participated in this voting, that is, "harsh"! Jin Dong's outfit is very suitable for business men from head to toe. Male netizens who want to have a concave shape in the workplace can boldly imitate as long as you pass the test.

Yuan Quan

Seeing Yuan Quan's poor votes, the editor couldn't help but feel sorry for the goddess for five seconds. To tell the truth, there is nothing wrong with the real match! Loose sweaters and profile coats, from color matching to single product selection, all carry Yuan Quan's high coldness, with a little bit of cold color. To be able to wear such a shape, what you need is not only the appearance, but also the temperament!

Du Jiang

Du Jiang is the only one who is not wronged on the black list of celebrities in February! Obviously, his face is so beautiful and his figure is not bad, so he chose such a casual to sloppy look. Are you self-willed? ! Du Jiang, if you wear it like this, you will even despise you.

Overview of the Red and Black List of Stars in February:

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